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The Berlin Art Club is aimed to be a "house of art". A home for all artists, visual artists and performance artists. A place for art lovers of all genres.

We are planning to have big and individual exhibitions of renowned artists and galleries from the Art-space of planet earth to come to Berlin. Artists should also be able to do workshops and so get the opportunity to deliver their skills to interested parties. It should be also possible to give visiting artists the opportunity to work and live temporarily in Berlin - in the Berlin Art Club.

Art exhibition with 100 Artists from all over the world.

1. - 7. September 2011

Loewe-Saal - Wiebestr. 42-45 10553 Berlin

 The Art Club Berlin is the current front of a number of activities concerning the presentation of art and artists. We have created the 2009 BAGL (Berlin Artists Going Live) and directed and organized the following year the BAGL AFFAIRS-2010, we have also created the EAGL (European Artists Going Live). We have given these two self-creations freely away and hope that the primary goal is in the organization of grassroots exhibitions aimed primarily at self-taught artists and not gallery-bound ones. The BAC is an independent organization and has no longer any connection to our previous creations BAGL and EAGL!

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures!
Our intent to initiate the Berlin Art Club – is the result of the experience of recent years and has existed mainly since October 2010. Actually we wanted to take our time in the establishment of our club and then to start inviting artists and galleries of different exhibitions to join us.

The failure probably not only one of Berlin's main art fairs, created an unhealthy vacuum that will not be suitable delight to art lovers from around the world coming to Berlin. Therefore we want to jump into the breach and in September 2011 rented over 2000 square meters of exhibition space ( with the aim of inviting approximately 100 artists from around the world to inspire our art-tourists.

The failure of the largest art fair concerns also galleries from around the world, which - this year on a limited scale - will be given the opportunity to present their artists in the autumn of art as usual in Berlin.

The deadline is the 21 of July, 2012

Accommodations: artists coming to Berlin will be given an address of a hotel, where they have to call and make a reservation. We will make a deal with the hotel manager, so that we get a fair price for all international and national guests. Our stuff will be informing you about the hotel.

 Artists who would like to take a part in the exhibition, but who will not attend personally, will be informed about the method and costs of achieving their plan. The registration form includes all basic information about the price. Our staff will advise you about the transport of the works and all other details.

 The entrance to the opening event is free. All other events are not. Artists will get 2 free cards, that they can give to friends or family members.

BAC - Berlin Art Club 2012

The cost of taking a part in the exhibition for galleries is as follows:

  • 1800, 00 Euro for an area of 2 walls each 4 meter long and the area in between.
  • But a gallery can rent of course more than one unit. If there is an interest in a special combination of walls, a deal can be reached to fulfill their needs.

Information concerning artists in the "bac - coming out 2012"
  • An artist can rent either half a wall that means a 2 x 2 meter area for a price of
  • 350 Euros or a whole wall of 4 x 2 meter area which costs 560 Euros.
  • Every artist will have to provide a foto (in JPG format) of his main work, which will be printed in the catalog. A foto of the artist (B/W) is also needed and a short biography text also.
  • First you should fill the application or registration form and send it to

Until Friday the 22 of July. You should also send fotos of your works according to the specification in the registration form.

 A passport foto of yourself and a short text about your ART and yourself. The application is going on many channels and the facebook plattform is only one of many channels of registration. It is preferable to click on the facebook "Open Call on Artists ..." so that fellow artists, that are in the facebook community can see, who is taking a part in the exhibition. The need to have a website is preferred, but it is not a pre condition.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Alan Emerson Hicks and I took a bike tour of most of the featured exhibition/installations on the map. This installation "KW69 Breaking News" was placed in a the Entrance Room, Staircase, Main Room, and the Small Room each space lent it self to the installation concept with the images and statements by the artists.


LEIKO IKEMURA invited artists architects

09-06 – 17.07.2011

After the earthquake, the following tsunami and the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japanese artist Leiko Ikemura asks what importance art has in such a moment. Due to these recent occurrences, KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin interrupts the exhibition series KW69 to provide space for an interdisciplinary discourse.

Leiko Ikemura invited artists to react to the catastrophe in Japan and to illuminate the conflict between nature, progress, economy and the human. The exhibition showed works which reflect upon the current situation in Fukushima and Northern Japan, questioning our attitude towards the earth and the cycle of creation and destruction.

Born 1951 in Mie Prefecture, Japan. B.F.A., Academy of Fine Arts of Seville. Lives and works in Berlin and Cologne, Germany. Currently a professor at the Berlin University of the Arts. Solo exhibitions at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, the Ulm Museum, the Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffhausen, etc.

KW60 was made possible thanks to the support of the Friends of KW and the Tandem Lagerhaus und Kraftverkehr Kunst GmbH.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, D-10117 Berlin
The exhibition based in Berlin invitesd visitors from Berlin and around the world to view the contemporary art of Berlin. Since the fall of the wall Berlin has developed into one of the world’s most important centers for the production of contemporary art. As a creative and cosmopolitan city, it draws many artists from Germany and abroad.

From June 8th to July 24th, the exhibition showed – in a format exemplary for the city’s dynamic art production – the work of some 80 emerging artists who live and work in Berlin. The exhibition covered the full range of contemporary art practices from paintings and drawings to sculpture, photography, film and video, as well as installations and text based works.

Courtyard at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, D-10117 Berlin

Many of the participating artists had developed new works especially for based in Berlin. Several of Berlin’s well-known project spaces were also invited to use the venues within the exhibition to present selections of their own programme.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Center for Documentation and Exhibition

Permission given by Michael Geib, Dipl. Geogr, to use translated documents of the History of US Americans in the Rhieland Palatinate.

Die Plakate des Herrn Lesmeister
Docu center Ramstein

1935 – 2006

Han Lesmeister was born in Ramstein and, after finishing Volsschule (elementary, secondary school) there he spent three years studying graphics ad painting at the Meisterscule (trade school) in Kaiserslautern.

Beginning in the mid 1950’s until 1966, Hans Lesmeistter worked for the American military in Eselsfurth, on Ramstein Air Base and in Stuttgart. It seems likely that a fellow student who already worked on the base, Has-Joachim Schwitzke, helped Lesmeister find a position at the Flieger Haus sometime around 1954. He was one of six Germans working there and, as “club artist”; he produced the advertising posters for productions ad events taking place at the Flieger Haus in addition to teaching art and handcraft courses.
Chet Baker Performing in Ramstein

While in Stuttgart form 1958-1959, e also produced posters and took over other graphic design work. When he came back to Ramstein Air Base in 1960, he took a position as an architectural draftsman and stayed until 1966. During this period, his only painting was occasional portraits for the Americans. Beginning in 1966, Hans Lesmeister began working for German films. From 1966-1981, he worked as an architectural draftsmen for Bayer, a window company, and from 1981-1996 for Kommerling, another window manufacturer. Sometime in the early 1980s, he became a member of the Lanstuhl “Friend so Painting “ society and began consistently producing artwork for their annual exhibitions after only producing the occasional piece as a favor to family and friends since the mid-1960s.

Another exhibition I found interesting was Drei Fotografen Hinterm Zaun- 60 Jahre US-Depot Miesau

There has been a US ammunition depot at Miesau since 1949. It thus counts among the oldest military establishment of the US forces in the Rhineland-Palatinate. At the same time it is one of the most “secret”. A wire mesh fence of some 14 miles in length surrounds the gigantic area. What is hidden behind it can only be surmised and speculated. From the outside, it looks like a green fenced-in wilderness, in which mysterious lights wink at night. Its 60th anniversary was an occasion for the Center for Documentation and Exhibition of the History of US Americans in the Rhineland-Palatinate, the docu center ramstein in short, to send three photographers behind this mysterious fence. Those in command of the military depot were kind enough to support the enterprise and to allow glimpses of it.

The three photographers take up three different positions in their work; Isabelle Girad de Sucanton that of the press photographer, Jorg Heieck that of the documentary photographer and Thomas Brenner that of the staging photographer. For reasons of secrecy they were not allowed access to some areas in the depot. Nevertheless, their camera lenses give us personal impressions of the largest US ammunition depot in Europe which is normally closed to outsiders.

From the 1950s to today, from the Korean War to the present involvement in Afghanistan, ammunition supplies were and are dealt with via the depot in Miesau. From the second year of its existence, local nationals have also worked at the Ammunition Center next to US soldiers and Labor Service Units. At the height of the cold war, almost 1,700 Germans were occupied at the Center. In the 1990s, the constant reduction in the number of German employees began and the Labor Service units were disbanded. Today, 115 German nationals still work at the Ammunition enter Europe.

Isabelle Girard De Soucanton- (No images available online)

Title of the Works: “Report on the Miesau Depot

The main point of observation with the photo journalist Isbelle Girad de Soucanton is the people, some of whom have been working at the Miesau depot for a very long time. Here, she did not want to take momentary photos of these persons at work, but of a consciously-posed work situation, seemingly frozen. With the exception of the portrait of the deputy director Han-Jurgen Becker, taken in front of a model of the depot, it is not even discernable with the other persons photographed that their work takes place behind the high fences of an ammunition depot. So the photographer combines the portraits in her photo report with detail photographs of precisely these fences surrounding the depot.

Jorg Heieck

Title of the Works: Selection from “Mieau I-XXII”

In the landscape photos which the documentary photographer Jorg Heick has taken of the ammunition depot in Miesau, the function of the location is not at first sight apparent. In most pictures, intensive green dominates views almost always s empty of people. It is only clear from things of secondary importance, a container or a truck parked in the forest, that this is not an abandoned place, that the calm is deceptive. As in a game of hide-and-seek, one only discovers indications of the secret use of the area by looking closely in the luxuriant, natural growth.

Thomas Brenner

Title of the Works: “Fat Boy”

In the distance of the depot seemingly empty of people, Thomas Brenner places a black-clad person holding a red fabric bomb. He calls it “Fat Boy” in allusion to the atom bombs “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. A photo gives the impression of “Fat Boy” being a cuddly bomb, the woman in the black mask holding it firmly pressed to her. More disturbing is the black man, whose size, attitude and stature are intimidating enough in themselves. The bomb in his hand becomes a threat. In this way, Thomas Brenner stages a modern, satirical Dance of Death with people and the red “Fat Boy” in front of and in the ammunition depot.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Proceeds from this event will benefit Urban Art Retreat, a 501(c) 3 non-profit based in the North Lawndale community. Their mission promotes non-violence through art programs and provides a residence for women in need.

Urban Art Retreat and Womens Residence
A VIP reception will be held from 6 - 11pm, Tickets: $25 - VIP PASS;
$10 - General admission* 7pm - 11pm General
*Includes 2 drink tickets. Open bar. Must be 21 and over to attend.

Photo from Fashion Shows in Chicago Files

Rumble Arts Center available for your next function.

In addition, the organization has opportunities for the following:

- Program Book Advertising

- Silent Auction Donations

- Event Sponsorships

If you are interested in purchasing tickets (or any of the opportunities listed above), contact URBAN ART RETREAT at 773-542-9126. Forms will be emailed promptly after receipt of your interest.

Date: Friday, Sept. 30
Location: Rumble Arts Center
3413 W. North Ave., Chicago

Monday, August 22, 2011

“TOPTEN, Abstract Consequences"

"Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential." -- Wassily Kandinsky.
To be a poet with paint, line, form, color, space and composition and to use each of these elements to evoke something that moves beyond object and materials is the work of the abstract painter. To have the capacity to communicate sensations directly without definitions, parameters or concept is an extremely delicate and intense process.

Artists who offer themselves up to this creative process and have the courage to break boundaries and limits merit our attention and respect. It is a matter of letting go into the process, of being present in the moment in which inspiration takes possession and moves the creative instinct.

We encourage all artists to participate by sending in your best 5 images.

THEME: abstract works
MEDIA: painting, photography, digital artists
ENTRY FEE: for 5 images

For artists that have participated in at least one other AG competition.

 €30,00 euro

Deadline Date : September 30th, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011


SPECTRUM International Prize for Photography

Bahman Jalali, on exhibition May 29 to August 21, 2011

I would be remised if I didn’t mention this exhibition I visited while in Hannover at the Sprengel Museum. I spent the first hour of the tour in this exhibition investigating all of the narratives, and slide video installations of the show.

Hahman Jalali (1945-2010) is one of the central figures I contemporary photography in the Middle East. He dedicated over 40 years of his life to preserving Iran’s visual memory. He was a photographer writer, university instructor and founder of a museum. Many of his projects were realized in collaboration with his wife, the photographer Rana Javadi.

The exhibition at the Sprengel Museum Hannover is based on the first extensive exhibition of his works at the Fundacio Antoni Tapies in Barcelona in 2007.

“This Bahman Jalali retrospective marks the first time that visitors in Germany will have an opportunity to engage with artistic, historical political and social questions related to Iran, both as they are manifested in Jalali’s own work as well as in works by nineteenth –century photographers. “

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Artists At Work Forums. presents Alternatives to the For-Profit Gallery System

Posting  for Tempestt Hazel- Outreach and  Promotional Coordinator

On September 15th Chicago Artists Resource is planning another session of the Artists At Work Forums. During Alternatives to the For-Profit Gallery System, Mary Ellen Croteau from Art on Armitage, Sergio Gomez from 33 Contemporary Gallery (formerly 33 Collective Gallery), Anni Holm from People Made Visible (ArtXposium), and Lauren Pacheco from Chicago Urban Art Society will discuss the different options for artists outside of the commercial gallery.

Considering your involvement in Chicago's art community, I am asking you to lend a hand in passing on this information to the artists in your networks who can gain information from the forum or add to the conversation.

Here are the links to more information:

Alternatives to the For-Profit Gallery System

September 15, 2011, 6pm


On Facebook:!/event.php?eid=270173066342552

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to give. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me. Hope to see you there for the discussion.

Outreach & Promotional Coordinator
Chicago Artists Resourc

Friday, August 12, 2011

Neighborhood Voices: Celebrate South Shore (special public tour)

Take a Tour led By Community Docents
Sat, 20 Aug, 2011 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The first public tour of our new community docent program, Neighborhood Voices, is scheduled to depart on August 20th. The tours coincide with a summer festival taking place in the community.

The Neighborhood Voices tour program is bringing CAF to neighborhoods across the city to empower residents and leaders to tell the story of their communities. In 2011, we trained residents in Bronzeville, South Shore and Chatham to conduct these tours.

Please join us in celebrating these public tours and experience the South Shore community.

Public tours will take place on Saturday, August 20th, and depart in South Shore at 1813 E. 71st Street. The tour departure point is just steps from the Metra. If you drive, street parking is available but may be limited due to the street festival.

Tour times:
2:00 – public tour
4:00 – public tour

To reserve a spot on the trolley, please RSVP to southshorechamberinc(at)
Location: 1813 E. 71st Street, Chicago, IL (Map)
Fees: Free

“For Distinctly South Shore”

An Exploration of Public Space

South Shore Chamber Inc. and the Chicago Architecture Foundation are highlighting the ‘Distinct taste’ in South Shore by using artists to show the potential of the community.


Building facades and vacant property are generally considered private spaces. Yet, the public’s experience of a neighborhood is defined by the visual and functional exchange that occurs between building facades and the streets. When a neighborhood has an agglomeration of blank, featureless facades, the public experiences that neighborhood as dull and blighted and people move away from decaying space. The South Shore community suffers from a plethora of empty store fronts. These bare surfaces create a public environment with significant potential for visual enhancement. In an effort to improve the community visual perception the South Shore chamber and the Chicago Architecture Foundation is sponsoring an invited competition entitled “Distinctly South Shore“ . Our goal is to transform the blank surfaces of our community from a liability into an asset, by sponsoring creative interventions that redefine the public experience of the neighborhood

The Opportunity

A partnership between the South Shore Chamber and the Chicago Architecture Foundation is seeking proposals from local artists for a community-wide creative intervention that fundamentally changes the visual perception of the South Shore community activating its blank surfaces and leftover spaces both during the day and at night. Using a medium or mediums of their choosing, we are opening up the entire community as a prospective canvas and asking artists to think of its building walls, store front windows and other prospective sites, as “public space” in need of activation. We are not addressing a specific theme, rather, looking for artists whose work maximizes the available sites and create a bold impact on the street. Through this process, we hope to generate transformative ideas about ways to introduce visual interest, curiosity and delight in urban areas where it is otherwise completely absent.


The South Shore Chamber Inc. and the Chicago Architecture Foundation will identify properties in the South Shore community that feature vacant and operative storefronts.

Property owners will be encouraged to participate by involving them in the property taskforce and showing them the advantage it brings to the community through total participation.

Working with local architects and urban planners, we will identify several locations along 71st Street from South Shore through Kimbark Avenue both side of the streets that would maximize the visibility of the art in the community. Through an RFP process, we will work with artists to create proposals to put their art in the space in a way that maximizes the use of the storefront. We will encourage the artists to work in teams to create engaging, 3 dimensional designs that highlight the potential of the South Shore community.

We will create a panel of judges that includes representatives from the South Shore Chamber, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the building owners and esteemed members of the artistic community. The South Shore Chamber will work closely with the property owner throughout this process to ensure full inclusion.

District Tour

The development of the South Shore tour provides us with a tool to acquaint property owners, artists and project participants with the assets of the community. Once the art installation is completed, tours will be scheduled during the run of the exhibition to help maximize the impact of new visitors to the neighborhood. It is possible that, as an extension of this project, a special 71st Street tour could be created to further highlight the assets of one of our community’s most vital commercial districts.

Outdoor Street Fest

Dear Artists and Community Resource People,

On September 3 from noon-5p.m.

URBAN ART RETREAT offers a Outdoor Street Fest for everyone! In the gallery we will being showing Emerging Artists Group Show from 1-5p.m. We have the street blocked off, live music, balloons, pretend stage with real talent!

Also, art tables for people to make small art projects, back to school supplies and jumping jack for the kids, a marshmallow roast in the garden, performances, and more.

Outside in the street will be face painting, food & drinks, booth spaces for various Chicago resources and arts & crafts people. The spaces are free and we want you to consider bringing your art to show & tell it!
This opportunity is totally FREE.

Just contact URBAN ART RETREAT and RSVP a space.

A. You can bring a table and chair, your art, and set up shop that afternoon!

B. If you would like to get the word out about your project or services you are

welcome to set up a table too.

We suggest vendors set up at noon. UAR will make a sign for your table- tell

us what you want it to say- your name or business name or organization (?)

We hope you are enjoying the summer and see you soon!

Please respond to this email.


Dianna C. Long

The URBAN ART RETREAT 1957 S. Spaulding Ave. Chicago, Il. 60623

(773) 542-9126

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World Music Festival Chicago | Explore Chicago

World Music Festival Chicago Explore Chicago

The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in partnership with the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture presents the best of today’s international music at the 13th annual World Music Festival: Chicago this September 16 – 22, 2011. A celebration of music from around the globe continues this year at the city-wide, multi-venue, week-long festival. Presented at area museums, parks, cultural centers, plazas, theaters, clubs, and other venues, events include a combination of free and low-cost ticketed concerts, many of which are family friendly.

The festival will showcase traditional and contemporary music from diverse cultures and will include both Chicago debut performances as well as Chicago-based international music groups. The festival will also continue to showcase the diversity of Chicago neighborhoods and its various music venues throughout the city.

Returning Favorites

•“One World Under One Roof” the open house event on the final night of the festival at the Chicago Cultural Center on September 22

•Radio broadcasts of live performances and interviews on WNUR 89.3 FM

•Free and low-cost events throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods, parks, and museums

A full schedule of performers and events will be announced in the coming months. Information can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter @WMFChicago.

World Music Festival: Chicago has attracted over a half million concertgoers and has presented more than 500 artists and ensembles from over 75 countries since it began in 1999.

World Music Festival: Chicago 2011 is presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in partnership with the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture and is made possible with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts; the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; and United Airlines, the Official Airline of the World Music Festival.


Sep 16, 2011 - Sep 22, 2011

Add to Calendar

World Music Festival: Chicago 2011

20110916T000000 20110922T000000

The best international music converges upon Chicago during the annual multi-venue World Music Festival: Chicago, the largest and longest running festival of international music in the US. World Music Festival: Chicago 2011 returns September 16 – 22, 2011 For more information, please visit

See event listings for specfic times (see related events).


Various Locations, including the Chicago Cultural Center

78 E. Washington St.

Chicago, IL 60602

World Music Festival: Chicago 2011 includes free and ticketed events. See event listings for admission costs (see related events when available).


For additional information please visit

Public Transportation:

For travel information, visit



City of Chicago :Forthcoming Public Art Projects

City of Chicago :: Forthcoming Public Art Projects

Current Percent for Art Projects
(Projects in the design and selection phase)
In the above projects, the selection of artists and art-work for the Public Art Program is designed to be both project-specific and community-based. If the budget available for the project is no more than $10,000, the project will usually be awarded as a direct commission. If the budget available for the project is more than $10,000, the project will be awarded through a competitive process as described in the Guidelines for the Chicago Public Art Program.

Chicago Artist Registry Due date: August 12, 2012
The Chicago Public Art Program maintains a Chicago Artist Registry, which serves as a reference catalog of work by local artists. Information and artistic materials made part of the Chicago Artists Registry is used by the Office of Tourism and Culture and DCASE in fulfilling DCASE’s responsibilities in the Public Art Program established in Chapter 2-92 (Percent-for-Art Ordinance) of the Chicago Municipal Code, and that among those responsibilities are
Selection of art works for placement in (or on) certain public buildings, structures and outdoor improvements; and
Conducting of public forums as part of the selection process.
In consideration of the opportunity to be included in the Registry, applicants must agree to the following:
From time to time, samples of submitted work may be shown at public forums related to the Public Art Program;
From time to time, members of the DCASE Public Art Staff may discuss your work and artistic capabilities in forums that are open to the general public and in Public Art staff meetings;

From time to time, the Public Art Staff may consult with or seek the advice of people in the Chicago Arts community or elsewhere, concerning a specific Public Art Program project, the Program itself, my work and/or my artistic capabilities, and that these discussions may also involve showing of your work;
Open, honest, frank discussions of art and artists – including, at times, discussion of your work and you – are necessary and fundamental to the selection process.

Participants in these public forums and other discussions must be free to express opinions and judgments without fear.

In no event will you undertake, seek or authorize any type of legal recourse against the City of Chicago, any of its officers, employees, agents or consultants, or against any participant in any public forum conducted as part of Chicago’s Public Art Program, for any statement, comment, opinion or judgment expressed or implied concerning artwork or artistic capabilities.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ArtPrize 2011 in Grand Rapids--"ArtPrize Jukebox"

About International Art Collaborators, Tali Farchi (NL) and Royce Deans (US)

Description ArtPrize Jukebox will be our project for ArtPrize 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a great honor to be hosted by Steepletown Neighborhood Services in Steepletown Center. Over the course of the first week of the competition we will be creating no less than 68 four foot square paintings created to and with the music that you bring into our studio space on your iPod. Check out our website for details and our Kickstarter page for info on you can really be a part of the art.

Location 671 Davis St NW, Grand Rapids, MI


Phone 231.883.1681

Thursday, August 4, 2011

poem one - back 2 basis @ rgb

Submitted by Stuart Hall on August 4, 2011:

The RGB Lounge is double dope excited by the opportunity to exhibit the work of legendary graffiti artist and couture jewelry designer Poem One.

Poem One cut his teeth and honed his skills in the tumultuous late 70's of New York City. He began as most, just throwing his name up around the neighborhood at a time when the fledging graffiti movement was in full swing. Seeing the subway cars rolling by one after another, covered end to end, with masterpieces gave him his calling to the trains.

His work has been featured in numerous publications including the Source, The Washinton Post, and The New York Post, as well as numerous books and magazines that followed the world of graffiti. The turning point in his career was his was his inclusion in Martha Cooper's Subway Art. Dude is on the cover of one of the most recognized anthology of graffiti art ever published!

Poem currently resides in New York, where he continues to develop his style as a painter and craftsmen, as well as administrate his business as designer of his own line of urban couture jewelry.

His work will be available at the RGB Lounge through Sept. 1st with an opening reception on Aug. 4th from 7 to 11pm. RGB Lounge is a gallery/event space, production/design house and artist cooperative located at 1420 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Il 60622

Monday, August 1, 2011

Re:guideli​nes for emerging artists show coming right up!

Posted for Dianna Long, Director Liz Long Gallery
Emerging Artists Show at URBAN ART RETREAT:

  • 1. Send images of your art that is available to show via email. Do not send website addresses.
  • 2. You will receive a return email very soon. Be prepared to deliver your art or send art to gallery to be rec'd on August 22-27 by appt.
  • 3. No art more than 32" in any direction.
  • 4. Art must be signed on the front and be display ready with a wire on the back.
  • 5. Artist should write only their name and title of piece on the back of each piece.  
  • 6. Artist should create an inventory sheet with their name and contact info. at top. followed by a list of the art for the show. Title, media, size with frame, price to sell for or NFS.

Two inventory sheets should be presented when delivering art to gallery. The gallery person signs and so does the artist. One copy to gallery and one copy to artist. Artist brings the signed inventory sheet when they come to pick up their art after show closes.

  • 7. Artist receives 70% of any sale of their art with 30% going to non profit. 
  • 8. Artist must pick up their art promptly after the show closes or pay a storage fee.

You can pick up art at 4p.m. on September 24 or make an appt. to pick up art

on Sept. 25, 26, 27, or 29.


Sept.3-Sept.24 the show will be on display with art reception 1-4 p.m. on Sept. 3, Saturdays 11-3p.m. and by appt. by calling and leaving a message on 773-542-9126 or by email at


 Artists are encouraged to invite their friends, family, and co-workers to the reception.