Art Reception for Esmeraldas Artists

Chicago Ecuadorian dancers gave the mayor a traditional welcome.

Art Patrons attend the IAG- Phantom Gallery for the first time.

Mayor and the Afro-Latino Historical Society propose to do an exchange program with artist and art organizations from Chicago, to exchange exhibitons with artist from Esmeraldas. Artist doing residency projects, and being invited by its mayor, can be a point of connecting cultures and building tourism, for the International Art Group.

All featured artist, art can still be purchased through the International Art Group- Phantom Gallery, all art is are prints from original, customed framed by DigiWorld, cash and carry. The space is open daily 5pm - 8pm, weekends 1-5pm. Call for private viewings, 773-681-6570.

Ruben dario gutierrez:

Alberto Santoro Williams:

"Art is Business"