Curator Piotr ask Greg what is your art about? Tell me how you began your quest to be an artist?
Greg responds:

BIO: Greg Giesking  It was about a girl!

Poetry is like a good woman
i crave to lust-
carelessly loving large.
As a young boy
trying to find a muse
with a deep ambition to change
the world with words.

Words change with age
as i be get'n older-  
imagination leaks.  As i stubble
upon painting with a vengeance.
Within love, support
of family and friends-
that choose to understand
with no regret,  i continue my approach
to find the light in the darkness (love). 
Only than we have nothing to fear.

Cause i will always be a boy
kick'n in the gutter
an empty pop can-
trying to find the, bleached out
pastels of a road home.
Only to kick in a dent.
Not trying to change society
but only to direct  it
towards humanity. 
Love is chaos
love hurts.
Yet love is a constant- 
like breathing.  
It's  everything we need.
So love large and carelessly.
Life is unexplainable, yet we are here. 
As all of us can take a bad turn.

Do a 180-
and realize again-
we be alive.

Piotr Wolodkowicz Curator of Summer Love

Exhibition dates are July 28, 2012 to August 28, 2012 with an opening on 08/10/2012 at International Arts Group Phantom Gallery 4161 N Damen Ave, Chicago Ill 60619.

The International Art Gallery space is a collaboration project between International Arts Group and the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. This project was created to promote up and coming artists and expose them to curatorial practices in an international gallery setting.

Gallery curators are Piotr Wolodkowicz, Lewis Rice and Alan Emerson Hicks.

For more information please call Piotr Wolodkowicz, at 773- 592- 3442