AFRO Awards 2013 Honors- Alpha Bruton

The African American Historical and Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley awarded artist Alpha Bruton, as an honoree for the 2013 AFRO Awards, honoring women that give back to their communities. Bruton was noted for how she has worked with the Executive Director, providing professional development training, and connecting him to resources with the California Association of Museums. In 2012 she curated the new installation of the State Community College District Wall of Fame for the museum.
Gregory Melancon Executive Director of the Museum began the Afro Awards in 2011to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments and contributions of African American Women from Fresno California who have aspired, and contributed to careers in the arts, education, health, humanities, law, nursing, science, social work, and political fields.
Alpha Bruton, pictured with lifelong friend Babette Stevenson of Fresno  CA
In 1984, the African American Historical and Cultural Museum was established to provide a vehicle for African Americans that had made significant contributions to the richness of the San Joaquin Valley. Jack Kelly Gallery features 3 cultural exhibits per year, that stay up for two months before rotating out. This gives the community an opportunity to visit the museum during Art Hop which is held the first Thursday of each month, 5-8pm, the museum is open to the public on Thursday, Fridays and Saturday, Noon - 5pm.
African American History and Cultural Museum 
of the San Joaquin Valley 1857 Fulton St Fresno, CA 93721

 Alpha Bruton- at the AAHCM- 
 Bruton is the founder, of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, 2005,
 and currently  services as the Director of the (PGCN) Board of Directors, since its incorporation in 2012.

Installation in Berlin, at the 1st International Exhibition Berlin Art Club 
Painting in the studio of Susanne in Berlin Germany 2012
Bruton completed her Masters of Art in Administration Program at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago in May of 2001. Formal training in studio art, art education, dance production, theater arts, and art gallery management gives Bruton the foundation to manage art educations programs. Currently she is an artist and art consultant a teaching artist listed in the Illinois Arts Council Arts Education Program Roster, and a vendor for Chicago Public School. She is member of the OpenWall Committee of the 47th Ward, a committee that promotes artists and art organizations by hanging art on the walls of the Alderman Ameya Pawar's office.

Bruton has served  as a board member of Borderbend Arts Collective, a producer of the Chicago Calling Arts Festival, where local Chicagoans call out to artists in other cities, states, nationally and internationally to engage them in collaborative projects highlighted during Chicago Artists Month in a two- week long festival during Chicago.

Bruton’s current inspiration comes from her work in arts in wellness, and environmental art projects. After completing a six-month residency at Oak Forest Hospital, in 2002, she started to reflect upon how her work affects lives. She started her series of vibration sound narratives that teach our bodies at all levels how to have a new experience. 

Bringing us into focus with the opportunities to choose new ways to live out our lives in each new moment, they seem to mirror to us things that we have forgotten about ourselves, reminding us just how powerful we truly are in changing our reality. 

"Which Way Our Children" at the Chicago Temple, with collector, and art agent Susan Fox.  

Experiemental Art Installations and Performance Art

Borderbend Arts Collective, Inter Faith Peace Concert, Living Sculptures.
These explorations affect her personally because she is examining what transpires between the audience and the canvas. As an installation artist, she stages experiences; in her performance art, she creates an observational view for others as spectators. As in this performance art piece performed using living sculptures, created site specific at the Chicago Temple in April of 2008, each model, and music was improvised, and choreographed on location for the Interfaith Peace Concert. 
Performance Art at the Chicago Temple, 2008
Scope of the Wiki Installation 2009
 "Snow Cones" to "Snow Peas" is an Installation that was produced for the Synesthetic Plan of Chicago 2009 at the Department of Cultural Affairs Tourism Information Center. This blog is a continuation of one modules journey to various artist- spaces, and neighborhoods in Chicago. "Snow Cones" documents the mapping of street vendors, and candy stores, that provide treats for neighborhoods, during the summers in Chicago. "Snow Peas" documents the modules movement through green spaces.

Environmental Art Installations 

She will continue her exploration this summer with the MAP Gallery of Myth's, Stories, and Living Tradition in Auburn CA with the installation of "land trust", an installation. The project is co-sponsored by the Visual Arts Development Project of Northern California, Rituals and traditions a two week artist in residency May 13th - May 25th, in Placer County. 

The project has proposed to create living land trust for outdoor Altar Installations a Continuum: MAP Gallery of Myth, Stories, and Living Tradition Breathing Life into the Gallery 2013.