Artist of the Month Caryl Henry Alexander

Caryl Henry Alexander

Caryl Henry Alexander is Creative Director at Big Bang She conceives and directs visual arts projects with a focus on creative literacy, community collaboration and arts integrated academic curriculum. Her projects have been successful with multi-generational, multicultural and interfaith communities in diverse settings. Her paintings and installations are exhibited internationally. Ms Henry Alexander is a certified Urban Farmer and she grows organic veggies for her family.

Artist With a Purpose
"Now is the time to ante up your Creative Currency"

We ask people to write their dreams on a chalkboard and then be photographed holding them. These photos capture each individual’s current reality and future aspirations.
Visitors were invited to create a digital postcard by using their cell phones to take pictures of themselves with their faces in the mural cutouts and share their fun at the event.

We will through this creative engagement support participants in developing a greater understanding of the role that a healthy lifestyle is a key to achieving their dreams.
Coming to Chicago in August 22nd 2013 during the Glenwood Arts Festival- hosted by Marianna Buchwald of the International Art Group. If you are reading this and want to offer up a project, during this seasons Farmers Markets, contact Marianna at,, subject line: Rainbow Plate