A Message for the Phantom Gallery Curators


International Art Group Phantom Gallery 2012
Curators please make note of submissions requirements. 

In order for the marketing consultant to load images the following format must be submitted. Submitting only web site links, will not surface, and becomes time consuming to search, and format for usability. This is also resourceful when our developers are submitting documentation to funding institutions. This will also help you in your future endeavors.

1. Submit the entry fee of $40 per artist (membership fee) on-line  payable to  Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, use the Paypal button on this blog to make payments on-line.

2. Create a folder with 4 images per artist, include a logo if a group.
  1.  List your name, address, telephone number, email, and web link, this must be done per artist in your group. Save as a  “JPEG” format at 72 dpi, approximately 1200 X 1800 pixels.
  2. Images should be labeled with the first word of the title, e. g., images of artwork titled “Phantom Gallery” should be labeled with your last name phantomgallery.jpeg .
  3. A description of the work, and size, if installation what is the square foot of the space. 
  4. No CD entries will be accepted (email zip entries accepted online only.
  5. Create a bio/resume
  6. Artist Inventory list that includes the name, medium, and size of each entry in the same order as the images appearing on the file and value. 
  7. Group applications must include a statement on how the works are selected by the group to ensure quality of works submitted.

This information will be used by the marketing consultant when posting to  ARTslant, Blogger, Facebook groups, and other publications.

This price list will also be used for insurance purposes. CNA 

List sponsor information, and logo if applicable, this will be listed on the  Phantom Gallery Blogspot , and Wordpress web-link, www.phantomgallery.net .