Crossing Borders- Bronzeville Artist Lofts Arts Incubator

The CAM 2014 theme is Crossing Borders. Proposal are encouraged, but not required, to engage the theme. Crossing Borders - actual physical borders, or conceptual, genre or societal borders - can be liberating, creative, transgressive, stimulating, hazardous, affirmative or all of the above. Often, crossing borders is life-changing. CAM encourages participants to plan their program as a mash-up, crossing borders literally and figuratively - between neighborhoods and nations, within artistic genres, media and social scenes.
Bronzeville Artist Lofts Arts Incubator Calendar of Events:
Alan Emerson Hicks, Alpha Bruton,   Andre Guichard , Bruce Gage, Frances Guichard, N. Masani Landfair, Raymond Thomas, Roger Carter,  Raven Bedenfield September 19th, Trolley Tour - 6-10pm

October 3-5 Phantom Gallery
“Home Molasses" Renee Baker, will present graphic scores artwork completed during her self-directed residency in Berlin, London, Saigon, Zwolle. 
Her art combines sculpture, drawing, art books, and paintings. 

Members of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project will perform to her graphic scores during her reception on Friday Oct 3, 6pm, Artist Talk Saturday 4pm,Sunday Closing, 1-4pm.

October 9th- 6-9pm 
"The Brown Beatnik Tomes" book signing and "Poetry Slam" by author Danny Simmons.
The Brown Beatnik Tomes here at Gallery Guichard. Danny Simmons will be reading select pieces from his book. Books will be on sale at the event.About The Brown Beatnik Tomes
The Brown Beatnik Tomes presents a collection of prose and paintings from artist and entrepreneur Danny Simmons; this is his most wide reaching and multi-disciplined project to date. Among the most impressive artists of his day, The New York Times says that he "injects freshness" into his abstracts, and that they are "meticulously rendered and decoratively impressive". Simmons' work can be seen all over the world and in such prominent establishments as Chase Manhattan Bank, The Smithsonian, the United Nations and more. His work is highly respected within the art world and he has become extremely collectible; devoted fans of his work include music industry executive and producer Lyor Cohen and actor Will Smith. Foreword by Russell Simmons. - from KMW Studio

October 10th & 11th- 6-10pm
"Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Chicago Semifinalist exhibit"

October 10th, "Doll Project" Reception 5-7pm,  

The Doll Project is a traveling multi-media installation that captures the beauty and the power of the indomitable spirit in makeshift community monuments to slain loved ones. 

The work is important because the quest was never about seeking honor or praise, but rather the desire to give value to lives lost, while utilizing photography as a means to raise an awareness of how deaths due to violence, and grieving impact neighborhoods and communities as well as families
October 16-19th "Squares" by N. Masini Landfair by appointment, 6-8pm, call for appointment 773-703-9805

Masani Landfair looks at the limitations that have been placed on modern communication, from 140 word messages to snapshots of intimate moments of our daily lives, what is the ultimate outcome and connection this economy of language (or lack of) brings to our quality of life? 
Alan Emerson Hicks-Phantom Curator 

October  17th & 25th "Temporal” Time Based Performance Art, Curator Alan Emerson Hicks- Stretches the borders of experimental art and performance. 6pm – 10pm

Oct 28th,  Artists Salon, “Culture Bridge” DANK House Curator Marianna Buchwald each year forms  International Art Ambassadors, Christine Perri,  Nichole Harrod, Kenya, Renee Baker, Cherie Locket,  Marianna Buchwald,  Dominck,  Members of the International Art Group explored the art, music and gallery scene in a summer adventures, being ambassadors representing the various disciplines and connectedness of their art forms as they toured Germany. During the Salon, ambassadors will discuss various entry points of their tour, and present those interactions through lively conversation, and sharing of the experience.
 Marianna Buchwald, ph. 773 507 1300