The Forum

"Art is Business"
There is a real revitalization going on in restoring the Bronzeville Forum I'm using the image of the Bronzeville Forum on 43rd Street, to address the need to revisit conversations, and document those conversations on BlogTalkRadio. Giving a Forum for artists to talk about their art practice, and how the use Tactical Urbanism  as social engagement.

Stabilization of The Forum complex is complete, and our goal for 2016 is to begin the rehabilitation process. We are particularly excited about what appears to be new energy for community revitalization coming from City Hall. Visit the facebook group to get updates on the  project. 

Interview this week with Toni Collie Perry and Everett C. William

Toni Collie Perry

Everett C. Williams

The URBAN Dictionary gives a precarious definition of FORUMS, I  can't say I agree. though---

Best described as a torrent of little children running around in a minefield (users), some armed with weapons (moderators), forums are the flagship of internet discussion, spam, and flame wars. 

Smaller forums tend to be more habitable, but the larger ones have many distinct and similar features. For example, within approximately seven seconds of the creation of a topic, you will have at least one reply, guaranteed. Large forums also tend to spawn makeshift caste systems within themselves, and you're automatically a malefactor in the forum until you have a 4-digit post count. 

A forum can sometimes be helpful, but normally they become a time consuming and frustrating thing if you pay too much attention to them.