Phantom Gallery Chicago April 10th - April 23, 2016

April 22, 2016 - artist talk

 Chicago Modern Orchestra Project presented in concert 

Renee Baker presents a neo installation TUNTUI 


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Renee’ C. Baker


                    hopelessly stumbling on and off the platform
                                             Failed to arrive on a meaningless timetable
                                 Obsolete resort-sinister crowd
                       A half-hour late, traveling within the whale
                               Were waiting in vain for an orgy of destruction
              Accepted it’s delay toward the market square
                                Indifference/course of it’s passage
                  Hopeless resignation, closing time persuasion
                                              Like some strange fruit
                 Dark was the dark
                                         A sleep so deep
                       Darkness visible-visual compulsiveness
                                         Due to arrive on the morrow, it’s own poetry

                           Brings an onset of silence

W.IN.E TV Interview Mrs. Renee Baker

Renee' C. Baker   Composer/Visual Artist

Renee' Baker is founding music director and conductor of the internationally acclaimed Chicago Modern Orchestra Project (CMOP), a polystylistic organization that grew from the plums of classical music as well as jazz. A member of the world renown collective Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians.
As a disruptive composer and visual artist, there are few barriers to the creative turns of this composer, conductor, artist, and instrumentalist. As a featured ensemble, CMOP has been chosen to work with NewMusicUSA and the EarShot program of the American Composers Orchestra. 
An expert at ensemble development and training, Renee’ developed the Mantra Blue Free Orchestra (Chicago), PEK' Contemporary Project (Berlin), the progenitor of Bleueblue Walkers/Bass Kollektief, Twilight Struggles (Berlin) as well as being involved in starting over 20 cutting edge new music ensembles. Among them: TUNTUI, Wrinkled Linen, Chocolate Chitlin' Caucus, Red Chai Watch, FAQtet, Project 6, Renee' Baker's AWAKENING, Baker ArTet, a Butoh ensemble BODY STRATA, and Strings Attached.
Ms. Baker has performed globally from Bimhuis (Amsterdam) to Symphony Center (Chicago) and was a founding member as well as Principal Violist of Chicago Sinfonietta for 26 years
As a disruptive force in composition, Ms. Baker’s eclectic visual score compositions led her to create a gestured conducting language she calls CCL/FLOW (Cipher Conduit Linguistics), which she employs when working with numerous cutting edge groups in Cologne, Berlin, Netherlands, London, Chicago, Portland (OR), and other ensembles around the world. 
A further aspect of her composition skills is the development of her painted score Exploratorium pieces for ensembles of variable sizes. Ms. Baker is also in demand as a lecturer and expert in nontraditional composition techniques, as well as large ensemble “comprovisation”/ improvisation development.
Aspects of the art world permeate Ms. Baker’s work. Her performance art work SUNYATA:TOWARDS ABSOLUTE EMPTINESS will premiere at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA, Chicago) in May 2015, and her tactile score sculpture works were featured at the MCA Chicago as part of the Sunyata premiere.
Called the latest AACM visionary by Downbeat Magazine, Ms. Baker is one of the brightest and most fertile minds in active in composition today.

Critical acclaim for her graphic scores novels has come from performances in Berlin, Poland, London, Scotland and as far reaching as Vietnam.

Ms. Baker has composed over two thousand works for ensembles ranging from pieces for solo instruments, ballet, opera to large orchestral works that bridge the classical, jazz and creative music genres. Her ability to embrace various creative parameters in her work has led to commissions for the Chicago Sinfonietta, Berlin International Brass, PEK’ Contemporary Project, and DanceWright Project, among others.

Ms. Baker is the composer of four operas. Currently she is working as a film score composer, having composed and released a new score for Oscar Michaeux's “race film” masterpiece BODY AND SOUL (1925) with the music performed by her Chicago Modern Orchestra Project ensemble.