Lea Pinsky Mixed Masters Murals-

"Art is Business"

Lea Pinsky
As an artist, my main focus is leading murals in schools and community spaces. Over the past ten years I have created more than two dozen large-scale works for schools, churches, playgrounds, and community centers. Many mural projects are collaborations with my husband, artist Dustin Harris. Together we run the company Mix Masters Murals -- check us out for a full portfolio of projects. 

I am also a sometimes-painter, and hope to fill my site with more canvas work in the upcoming year.

As an arts education specialist, I have founded, managed and taught youth programs with Columbia College Chicago, Urban Gateways, City of Evanston, Chicago Humanities Festival, After School Matters, Steppenwolf Theatre, and Lifeline Theatre. I am currently the Director of Education and Outreach with Art Encounter.