"Art is Business"

Phantom Gallery Chicago Presents  '

Dail Chamber- Art Talk and Discussion-  5-6pm
A Collective Mythology takes place in the heart of the Midwest, U.S.A.: Saint Louis, Missouri. Artist, Itshanapa Dail Chambers begins the story with the search for her grandmother which parallels her genealogical art process.  Through this experience she is introduced to collective ancestors, famous people and collaborators who have impacted society and the Saint Louis region.

 Renee Baker- Presents “A PAGE OF MADNESS!!! at Guichard Gallery on September 16 @ 7 p.m.

Black Experimentalism Examining the State of Our Environment New works of Makeba Kedem-Dubose

ALLEY ACTIVATION Participating curators: William Hill of Dorchester Botanical Garden, Ife Olatunji Collected Voices, Kari Blackman, Alan Emerson Hicks Studio, and Alpha Bruton, Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. 
How Do You Make Your Garden Grown?" in a DIY for the afternoon, transformation into green space. Landscape Architect William G. Hill will lead the neighborhood participants through the initial installation of transforming empty lot to green space.