“Within Our Gates” (Oscar Micheaux) w/new score by Renée Baker

"Art is Business" all films scored by Renee Baker

Fri May 12, 7:00pm - 9:30pm


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Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, 436 E. 47th Street, Room 205

USA, 1920 • Directed by Oscar MicheauxCast Evelyn Preer (Sylvia Landry), Flo Clements (Alma Prichard), James D. Ruffin (Conrad Drebert), Jack Chenault (Larry Prichard), William Smith (Philip Gentry), Charles D. Lucas (Dr. V. Vivian), Bernice Ladd (Mrs. Geraldine Stratton), Mrs. Evelyn (Mrs. Elena Warwick), William Stark (Jasper Landry), Manic Edwards (His wife), Ralph Johnson (Philip Gridlestone), E.G. Tatum (Efrem), Grant Edwards (Emil Landry), Grant Gorman (Armand Gridlestone) Writer, Director, Producer Oscar Micheaux 

Live Post show discussions over cocktails. 

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The Chicago Modern Orchestra Project ©® is an offshoot of the highly successful Mantra Blue FreeOrchestra ©®,both groups directed by Renèe Baker.

While MBFO plays only original compositions by Ms. Baker, involving her own highly developed“conduction-like” style of directing, the CMOP is dedicated to commissioning, performing and recording contemporary creative and classical music of many new composers.

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