Bronzeville Art District July Trolley Tour

"Art is Business" Join us on Friday July 21, 2017  VIP Pre-Boarding of the Bronzeville Art District- Trolley Tour, 5pm-6pm. Boarding begins at 6pm - 9pm. 

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network presents the works of Peter Gray and Michelle Stone. HAPPENSTANCE- meet and greet the artists during the Trolley Tour, curator Alan Emerson Hicks.

IN-KIND DONOR SUPPORT- wine Jacqueline Moses, food Members of Holy Angels Parish.
Value Varies (Cost Share)Your company may wish to donate specific items: Space, Wine for Reception, Searchlight, Flowers, Printing, etc. as part of our gallery openings. Recognition will be commensurate with values of other sponsorship levels based on value of in-kind support.