The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network is working in concert with the Bronzeville Arts District,  to coordinate monthly Trolley Tours (June-September), third Friday Art Walks.There is a membership fee and a hanging fee for exhibiting artists. (fee is determined by length of exhibit, space needs).

Phantom Gallery Chicago Loft Space

AirBNB- Host for 6'x 9' The Cube in Artist studio

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, is located at the Bronzeville Artist Lofts, 440 E. 47th Street, Chicago Illinois. The gallery has two resident studios, 600sq ft Loft Gallery, a communal kitchen, and bath. There is a secured entry, and on-site laundry. 

This space is ideal for artists. This space is unique because its an art environment, ideal for artists who may want a short term residency in Chicago. 

Also, our loft is on the second floor over a commercial gallery that gives events, so be prepared on the weekends and in warmer weather to be fully engaged. Artists also host gatherings on the roof deck, and there is always something going on during the peak hours. Be prepared to have an eventful stay.

Featured artist Alan Emerson Hicks

The Neighborhood- Bronzeville 

Today, the neighborhood is seeing major community-driven revitalization efforts, mostly by wealthy and entrepreneurial African-Americans who value the neighborhood's historic importance. Historic clubs are reopening, and there are a handful of nice coffee shops and restaurants that have opened in recent years, 51st Street, and 43rd Street. While visiting us you are welcome to be part of our art openings, monthly Trolley Tours, and events hosted by Gallery Guichard our commercial ground level gallery, that are open to the public.  

Spaces for Temporary 

Public Art Installation Opportunity 

If you are a property manager, chamber business member, or owner of a storefront that is empty and would like to donate temporary use as a POP UP gallery while it is vacant please contact us by email. 


Every exhibit-site relationship has its own set of guidelines in terms of size, visibility, and other physical requirements. Typically you will supply all the materials as well as hardware for mounting your exhibit. You should be prepared to remove your work within 10 days should the space be rented or the space changed over.  You must agree to leave each location in the same or better condition than you found it.
Alan Emerson Hicks- Curator 

Every exhibit is a one-of-a-kind experience that requires all parties to communicate about appropriate and inappropriate content for a specific exhibit space.  The Phantom Gallery does not censor any artist’s work, but is sensitive to the needs and limitations of the property owners and particular locations.  Art that will be visible from the sidewalk should abide by the content restrictions that apply to public art.

Phantom Gallery Chicago - Role

Act as point of contact for artists, find and secure appropriate locations at no charge to the artist, schedule and coordinate artists, provide publicity and marketing support for galleries.

Provide Insurance.  Commercial general liability insurance  our policy covers more than one location, the general aggregate coverage is apply per location and a COI is provided for to each storefront under the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network- Business Insurance Coverage.

47th  Street, Gallery Guichard, Bronzeville Artist Lofts