The International Art Group to Host Reception for Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero

"Art is Business"

Afro-Latino Mayor of Esmeraldas, Ecuador at the

International Art Group Phantom Gallery

Saturday May 26th, 7-9pm,

4161 N. Damen Ave, Chicago IL.

Chicago, Illinois, USA – May 19, 2012 - The Afro-Latino Historical Society, in partnership with DCGI Ltd., is pleased to announce that Mr. Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero, Mayor of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, will visit Chicago from May 22 through May 27, 2012.

Mr. Estupiñan Quintero was elected Mayor of Esmeraldas in north-western Ecuador since 2000.  He is the first self-identifying black person to reach this position. He was re-elected in 2005 and in 2010. In addition to being the Mayor of one of the largest cities in Ecuador, Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero is the spokesperson for the Board of the “Association of Ecuadorian Municipalities” (AME). He was also elected Member of Parliament for the Popular Democratic Movement (MDP) and provincial director of the party as well.

During the last few years, he participated in numerous political delegations to the United States, The Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia not only as the Representative of Mayors of Ecuador but also as a Member of Parliament representing his party, the MPD.

Guest artist: Alberto Santoro Williams

Guest Artist: Ruben Dario Gutierrez
 Since taking office, Mr. Estupiñan Quintero has been working tirelessly to improve the conditions of the people in his city.  Esmeraldas is the capital of the only province in Ecuador where Afro-Ecuadorians are the largest racial and cultural group. Unfortunately, the city is also one of the poorest in Ecuador. In fact, the entire province (also known as Esmeraldas) has been somewhat neglected by the central government for years.
As Mayor, Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero has strongly committed to providing much-needed city services while implementing various social services for his constituents.  He has shown a special interest in the arts throughout the years by ensuring that his city fully supports the “Festival Internacional de Música y Danza Afro” (Afro Music and Dance International Festival). Immediately upon his election, Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero began commissioning murals and statues that helped uplift the image of the Afro-Ecuadorians.

Ruben Dario Gutierrez, guest artist
Mayor Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero is very interested in developing cultural and business connections with the rest of the World. One of the highlights of his Chicago visit will be at DePaul University’s Center for Black Diaspora, where he will be a guest speaker on May 24. Mr. Estupiñan Quintero will speak about the implications of being an Afro-Latino in today’ South America. As a case study, he will specifically focus on the situation of his own city and give his perspective as Esmeralda’s first Afro-Latino mayor.
Ernesto Estupiñan Quintero is 55 years old. He is married to Maritza Cañizares Cañote and they have three children (Denisse, Manuel Ernesto and Emily Marissa).
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