BAC Installation Day

"Art is Business"  Berlin Art Club Installation Day--- September 3rd, 2012, this hall is a wonderful venue. Artist arrived throughout the morning focused on setting up their wall space in the most productive way. The hall is lit by natural sunlight, can't wait to see how it looks in the evening. I am so honored to be amongst the caliber of artists that joined the Berlin Art Club in its 1st bac honoring 100 artists. The publication is top notice, and the organizers have worked tirelessly to pull off such a venture on a grassroots level.

I worked on recreating a 30" x 36 painting of the AACM Tribute to Fletcher Henderson just for this exhibition. The main image in the painting is featuring Kahir B a Chicago land poet, who is the current president of the AACM of Chicago.  He has relocated to the New York spoken word scene and perhaps in the years to come will check out the Berlin spoken word scene. When I first saw KaHir B in concert at MP  Amphitheater he was on "Fire", I had to capture his pen to paper, as I did Nicole Mitchell, Dee Alexander, and Anne Ward on keyboards.
Susan Fox is the owner of the 1st color study and uses the images to brand her "Intersections Series", held at Elastic Arts. It has been suggested over the last five years that I turn some of my 16" x 12" acrylics on watercolor paper into murals or larger paintings after this residency in Berlin, I think I shall take their advice.

Tonight is the opening, and I am on my way out the door to flag a taxi for the ride over, I won't be on public transportation tonight.

Snap Shot Series

Susanne Quadt- opened her studio to Alpha Bruton, Renee Baker, and Alan Emerson Hicks while they were in Berlin for the International Art Adventure's "Wanderlust Chicago Berlin 2012. She also opened her studio so that we could complete our self directed residency and prepare for the Berlin Art Club's 1st BAC Exhibition. I asked Susanne to share  short snap shot stories of her life and how she began her own journey as an artist fifteen years ago.

Part 1
Part 2-
 Susanne purchased a home in Turkey sixteen years ago, and spends six months of the year there, and the other six months here in Berlin. She describes her home one that still uses a wood burning stove to heat the house, and she takes her tea out on the porch. She often takes her sketch so she can capture  her surroundings, and explore form and texture.