Agent and Artist: Pettis and Najjar

I got an opportunity to interview Lavon Pettis, and Najjar on April 30, 2014, on the PopUp Research Station, Blogtalk Radio, and this fall we shared the stage during the Intersectionality Critique Exchange, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The talk was very insightful, as we recognized each others practice, and how our spirituality is reflective in our art. It was due to the efforts of Pettis to make the connection and set up the platform of communication.

Pettis has created an exhibition and featured artist in Chicago, and St.Louis, international, emerging, experimental, performance speaks about her mentor, teacher, and client: Najjar Abdul Musawwir recognized for his philanthropy/contributions to the arts & community.

Najjar has created exhibitions and featured artists in Chicago, and St.Louis, international, emerging, experimental, performance speaks about her mentor, teacher, and client: Najjar Abdul Musawwir recognized for his philanthropy/contributions to the arts & community.

To learn more about Najjar Abdul-Musawwir and his work, please contact Lavon Pettis, Creative Manager, at

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir was born October 25th, 1958, in Chicago, Illinois. He is an internationally acknowledged artist who has exhibited throughout the United States, Africa, Asia, and Europe. He currently works as an Associate Professor of studio arts and art history in the School of Art and Design and Africana Studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

He has received distinguish and prestigious acknowledgments, and among them are: first Artist-n-Residency/exhibition for the N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit, invitational Artist-n-Residency/exhibition by the Tuanku Fauziah Museum and Gallery in Malaysia, commissioned to create a piece for the Visions of Our 44th President travelling exhibition hosted by Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, Rickert Ziebold Trust Awardee, Judge William Holmes Cook Professorship Endowment, and was invited by the MacArthur Foundation in Chicago as a member of an Illinois artists' consulting team.

Najjar's philosophical thoughts:

Research – Look for what is not evident and see possibilities.

Service – Helping other is, without doubt, the helping of self.
Teaching – Educate others perchance they understand the message better than me; they become the teacher and me the student.


    "Art is Business " Chief Curator Alpha Bruton
DEC 03 2014 - DEC 07 2014
801 NW 3rd Ave, Miami Florida, 33136

This year’s Art Africa Miami Arts Fair will be taking over the entire ground floor of the newly renovated Carver building at the entrance of Historic Overtown. Curated by The Urban Collective, this year’s theme, “The Art Of Nobody,” will feature world-renowned artist Nobody (AKA TMNK) and other talented art nobodies from the African and Caribbean Diaspora. This year will also feature a youth gallery that will exhibit works from the Overtown Youth Coalition arts program. This year’s activities also include a The Urban Collective pop-up gallery, art fashion show, Sunday Jazz Brunch, and a millennial cocktail hour.
 “The Art Of Nobody” will feature world-renowned artist Nobody (AKA TMNK) 

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will be presented by the project manager and curator Lavon Pettis- Art Organizer Global Connections, 

Featured Artists:

Renee Baker, Chicago
Alpha Bruton, Chicago 
Kevin Cole- Atlanta Georgia
Nicholas Conlon, Chicago IL
Alan Emerson-Hicks, Chicago
Najjar Abdul Musawwir- Carbondale, IL 
(Young Aspiring Artists)
Moises Salazar, Chicago IL 
Kari Blackburn, Chicago IL

"Home Coming"

"Art is Business" Lead Curator: Moises Salazar and Kari Blackburn 
"Born" Kari

HOME COMING Nov.15-Nov 29
Students from the Chicago School of the Arts present, "Homecoming." The work that will be showcased will be composed of a variety of interpretations of our personal upbringing in society and our culture as a whole. Work will touch base on ethnic culture, storytelling and the creation of human beings.

The Man- Kari
Before moving to its new location, ChiArts was established in the heart of Bronzeville on 35th and King Drive. To celebrate our ancestry and upbringings students are hosting a homecoming art Jubilee at the Bronzeville Artist Lofts, located at 436 E. 47th Street, Chicago IL  60653. For more information about the BAL- Arts Incubator.

"Our Story"
The exhibit will feature artwork from the following artists:

Throughout the evening we will showcase Musical Performances: Performances will include (but are not limited to) classical guitar, piano, dance and singing performances.

*This will be a free event for those with student body cards, and wish to be a part of the celebration*

Contact: Mosies Salazar at 773-458-0341 for more info about the show.

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The Visual Arts program at ChiArts begins with foundational instruction, including an emphasis upon essential art making skills and understandings, and progresses toward more complex concepts, including critical analysis of visual culture and the fostering of independent work. The program challenges and empowers students to develop their own aesthetic as each matures into an innovative artist and critical thinker.

Students of all abilities may interview for admission into the Visual Arts program. ChiArts recognizes the need to provide opportunities for students who have had prior instruction in the visual arts and students who have not had prior training but demonstrate strong natural abilities and a desire to learn.