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"Art is Business"

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network has a listing on Storefront

"Art is Business" Erik is the Co-founder & CEO of Storefront.

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network has a listing on Storefront.

Storefront makes it easy to find and rent short term retail space. Whether you want to open your own store on main street, launch your brand at a street fair or showcase your products in a local boutique, Storefront is the world's leading online marketplace for renting short term retail space.

Erik Eliason

 Merchants and small businesses are flourishing and we are excited to help them find the best stores, booths, and events to grow their business
Every type of space
Choose from entire stores, part of a store, event spaces, lofts, cafes, fairs, festivals and more. Each listing is verified by a Storefront retail professional to ensure that you find the perfect space.

We aim to make 94% of offline retail accessible to any business.
Vision it's an exciting time for entrepreneur, e-commerce companies and large brands. Offline channels drive 94% of retail sales and allow brands to connect with their customers in a personal way. Retail is no longer about buying products but rather it's about providing an experience that consumers delight in. We are building the future of retail by making it more engaging, more transparent and more productive. Our vision is to make retail accessible.
Solange Popup Retail Shop uses her storefront to launch her video, and clothing line.