La Mezcladora Temporada 3 Capítulo 13: Chicago

"Art is Business" reposted for AnySquare

Tracy Kostenbader , Anywhere Space, 2328 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Floor.
"La Mezcladora 22 visited AnySquared's Studio Day a few weeks back and here is the show. (Studio Day is about 21 minutes in and subtitled and there is a lot of me talking...) They also visited others in Chicago so check out the who video!

Participatory Music Coalition-

"Creative Conversation" featuring  Adam Zanolini

Participatory Music Coalition-@ThreeUrbanRover Photographer
More than entertainment, participatory music is that which is meant to coordinate people, to bring them together into a community, to orient them all to a common purpose. We recognize the conjunction of music, dance, art, spirituality, ritual, and ceremony as the headwaters of the many Great Black Music traditions that have flowed from the South Side of Chicago throughout the United States, and across the globe. Whereas the 20thcentury saw this vital organism gradually dismembered by the machineries of the recording and entertainment industries, our project is to foster its integrity and wholeness through celebration of South Side Chicago community creation.

Participatory Music Coalition-@ThreeUrbanRover Photographer

The Participatory Music Coalition began as the sonic subcommittee of the MB Collective, a theater, performance, visual and community collective of artists integrating diverse performative traditions, especially with respect to the South Side Community Art Center and its founder, the great spirit Margaret Burroughs.

Musicians of the MB collective began participating in the weekly "Sonic Healing Ministries Free Jazz Sessions” organized and headed by composer/instrumentalist and educator David Boykin.  Finding fulfillment and growth through these sessions members began to meet in each other’s homes to experiment, compose, and practice new music.

Participatory Music Coalition-@ThreeUrbanRover Photographer

Recognizing the spiritual importance of Black American Music, the Coalition developed into an independent entity through the guidance of numerous elders and ancestors. Both the Collective and the Coalition maintain improvisation as the very core of their creative endeavor because improvisation is the doorway to the spirit-domain, where our loving ancestral spirits reside.

Our performances open with libations, and then proceed through journeys of sound, text, movement, poetry, song, moving images, and cuisine. Both free and planned improvisatory offerings will leave plenty of space for guests to contribute and share. We encourage participation by all! By thought, word, deed, and sound, we invite you to celebrate with us the divine unity of all the cosmos that music represents! Your sound is welcome! Your spirit is welcome! Your voice and your heartbeat are welcome

15th Annual Black Excellence Awards-in Chicago

"Art is Business" by Alpha Bruton

Join me as I celebrate my nomination as a Visual Artist, doing business here in Chicago. I'm so honored, and humbled,  to be nominated for this award, there as so many folks, doing so many wonderful things in the community, and so many artists that create out of this world masterful artwork I stand beside.

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