Creative Conversation with Artist Itshanapa Dail Chambers 03/29 by Phantom Gallery Chicago Network | Visual Arts Podcasts

Creative Conversation with Artist Itshanapa Dail Chambers 03/29 by Phantom Gallery Chicago Network | Visual Arts Podcasts:

Sankofa: A Collective Mythology takes place in the heart of the Midwest, U.S.A.: Saint Louis, Missouri. Artist, Itshanapa Dail Chambers begins the story with the search for her grandmother which parallels her genealogical art process. Through this experience she is introduced to collective ancestors, famous people and collaborators who have impacted society and the Saint Louis region.

Dail Chambers is a mother, artist and activist who exhibits and lectures nationally. She practices her studio art process in St. Louis Place, in north St. Louis, Missouri. Her artwork is based in material meaning and women's topics through an inquiry of history, self and family.

 Dail "Itshanapa" Chambers Mobile 
The concept of place and time are integral components of her work. Dail founded the Yeyo Arts collective, a group of five artists who opened Gya, a non profit community arts space that creates arts and culture experiences within the St. Louis region.

She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Visionary Award for Emerging Artist in 2011 and a Resolution from the City of St. Louis, Missouri in 2010. She is a 2010 Community Arts Training Institute graduate and 2011 Urban Bush Woman SLI fellow.

Investigation: What does it mean to exhibit in temporary installation spaces outside of the museum? What are you strategies for Community Arts Engagement? How do you envision the future present?

"Art is Business"

Arlene Turner-Crawford ... Wall of Respect

"Art is Business" produced  by Tony Smith

Wall of Respect... Closing Remarks

"Art is Business"

Wall of Respect... Closing Remarks

"Art is Business" Produced by Tony Smith



Directed by Teinosuke Kinugasa

A 1926 lost Japanese Modernism silent film regarding madness and its' reality brought to life with new score by visual artist and AACM composer Renee' Baker

Performed by Chicago/Berlin collaboration of


A stunning invocation of the world as viewed by the mentally ill, within minutes, as the rapid montage of the opening storm sequences dissolves into the surrealistic fantasy of the sailor's wife dressed in an exotic costume dancing in front of an art-deco inspired backdrop featuring a large spinning ball flanked by ornate fountains.

A Page of Madness bowls you over with a barrage of startling images utilising every technique known to filmmakers of the time. Even now, Kinugasa's film seems as fresh as a daisy and when seen on the big screen, as eye-popping an experience as anything you've ever seen.

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COLLECTED VOICES POP UP SCREENING Theme: Black Surrealism and Cinema Noir

 "Art is Business"

Collected Voices Film Fest enters its 2nd season in Chicago.
Il. with more than 40 never before screened films for 2016.

This year we received more great films from Chicago and
around the world about real-life everyday experiences. As a result, our festival has grown
in our second year from 4 venues to 10!

We secured great community centers, clubs, galleries, and theaters all
over the city to screen films. Finally, after months of planning, we know what will make
our independent festival a success!

Featured Film Maker- Ife Olatunji and Danielle Echols  

The partnership between Collected Voices and the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will serve as Collected Voices' first fundraiser during the Bronzeville Summer Nights Art District Trolley Tour.
The screening and fundraiser is a pre-launch to the CV Film Festival that began in July. The second screening will be on Friday, August 19th, 2016.


Phantom Gallery - 436 East 47th Street, Unit 205
Chicago, IL 60653
Space is limited


Theme: Black Surrealism and Cinema Noir

Swimmin' Lesson
Nowhere to be Found
Before I Leave
Through the Trees
B Love

All events are free with a suggested donation. Get your advanced
discount ticket for the screenings now on for only $5.00

ECHOES OF OUR JOURNEY- Bronzeville and the Great Black Migration

Logan Center Cafe

Logan Center Cafe

Tribute to THE LEGENDARY SIDDHA WEBBER Fellow Artist, Colleague and Friend

"Art is Business"

Tribute to Siddha Weber, colleague and friend has joined the ancestors but not before leaving an imprint. Last summer he was determined to refurbish his murals that face off on King Drive/40th a gateway to the Bronzeville Art District.

I was introduced to Dr. Siddha in 2001, by Jon Pounds while I was working at Chicago Public Art Group, he was my Naprapath, that took me through a healing journey, gave me a focus, always reminding me of what my purpose was foremost as a mother, and creator. 
 Just prior to the celebration and dedication of the world famous mural, Earth Is Not Our Home, which has stood on 4oth and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in Chicago's historic Bronzeville community for nearly 30 years, we chat with the legendary Dr. Siddha Webber.

 Siddha Webber: I’ve painted about 57 murals. I started out painting to create change. In 1968 we were painting in The Alley, that’s when the gangs are at their highest murder rate and they’d been highly proliferated those summers, maybe two or three preceding and after. We were painting somewhat in fear, because there was so much shooting. And I took on the initiative that through art we could create a change in the environment. The summer before, in 1967, I participated in the Wall of Respect as a poet with the band that I played with at 76th and Cottage Grove.

Excerpts from The DAVID Creative 2013
mentioned being alone. You mentioned...disappointment with the lack of engagement from the black community. What keeps you going in the midst of that disappointment? What keeps you working, despite the lack of engagement from your own?(pause) What keeps me going is knowing that I may look, occasionally, physically alone. Physically alone. Personally, body-wise alone. But what keeps me going is the Spirit of God. That I know. Because I know that, for me, art is a spiritual exchange (of) creativity with The Creator. That's what keeps me going. It's a spiritual exchange with God and The Creator. Also, now, art has always been a ministry with me. Art is ministry. Public art is public ministry.

B Love Trailer

 "Art is Business"

Black Surrealism and Cinema Noir

VIP- Reception starts at 5pm - 6pm
Bronzeville Summer Nights Art Trolley Tour - 6-9pm
Screening begins at  9:00pm-10:30pm

436 E 47th St, Chicago, IL 60653, USA

Collected Voices Film Screening: Theme: Black Surrealism and Cinema Noir

Space is limited
 VIP- 5pm
Trolley Tour 6-9pm
Screening 9-10:30pm
Phantom Gallery - 436 East 47th Street, Chicago, IL 60653

Phantom Gallery
Art Noir | Aug 19, 2016
A successful, overworked single mom learns that without her family's love and support, money holds no value, as she rebuilds her relationship with her child and sickly aunt. 9 min Fic; directed by Olayinka Hassan
Swimmin’ Lesson 
Poetry and powerful acting are the foundations of this heartbreaking film in which a young father recalls the fate of his son during Hurricane Katrina. 9 min Fic; directed by Shahari Moore
​Nowhere to be found 
A woman searches the city of Chicago for the missing father of her baby. 13 min Fic; directed by Brian VandenBos and Rebecca Montalvo

Before I Leave 
An emotionally damaged man decides to complete one last item on his list before he leaves. 5 mins Fic; directed by Darren Kwan

Through the Trees 
A dramatic short film that tells the story of a suicidal man who is grieving after the death of his wife, and the counselor that tries to help him heal. 15 min Fic; directed by Adedapo Akisanya

​Beautiful Is 
A beautiful woman gains new insight about herself as she prepares to say goodbye to her friends and family. 5 min Music Video; directed by Nikki Love

B Love 
An urban femme fatale finds herself in the midst of an unconventional love triangle. 14 min Fic;
directed by Shahari Moore

Gallery Guichard at the Blue Circle Havana Gallery in Cuba 5.19.12 (2).wmv

"Art is Business"

Renee Baker's Blu' City Documentary