Larenz Tate and Laurence Fishburne Talk 'Bronzeville'

"Art is Business"

Upcoming events in Bronzeville for August include the installation and dedication of the sculpture garden.
August 18, Trolley Tour 6pm
August 19, Mayor's Ball


Bronzeville Art District (3rd Friday Trolley Tour)

"Art is Business"

Chicago South Side Host Passport: Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tour 2017

Chicago South Side Host Passport: Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tour 2017

 "Art is Business"
June 16th Trolley Tour was so cool, it was hosted by the Chicago South Side Airbnb leadership team, as a social experience that can be offered to their guest while visiting Chicago. We hosted an after trolley Sor'ree as well, a gathering with DJ Marcel, to the theme of Purple Fusion Experience: Jimi Hendrix, and Prince. 

Join us again for a family fun filled event, on this Friday July 21st. Meet and greet the featured artists, Michelle Stone, and Peter N. Gray, as they share their recent artwork, and collaborative approach to exhibition. This exhibit is curated by Alan Emerson Hicks, all three are members of 3D Sculpture. 

Bronzeville Art District July Trolley Tour

"Art is Business" Join us on Friday July 21, 2017  VIP Pre-Boarding of the Bronzeville Art District- Trolley Tour, 5pm-6pm. Boarding begins at 6pm - 9pm. 

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network presents the works of Peter Gray and Michelle Stone. HAPPENSTANCE- meet and greet the artists during the Trolley Tour, curator Alan Emerson Hicks.

IN-KIND DONOR SUPPORT- wine Jacqueline Moses, food Members of Holy Angels Parish.
Value Varies (Cost Share)Your company may wish to donate specific items: Space, Wine for Reception, Searchlight, Flowers, Printing, etc. as part of our gallery openings. Recognition will be commensurate with values of other sponsorship levels based on value of in-kind support.

Featured Artists- Featured Projects for July 2017

"Art is Business" by Alpha Bruton, Chief Curator, Lauren Pilot, Alan Emerson Hicks
The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will be hosting a series of events this July, starting this weekend with a closing reception for......

The Purple Fusion Experience 

Saturday July 8th, 4pm-6pm, meet the artists, during this afternoon Salon Series listen to artists  talking about their art practice. A live podcast recording on BlogTalkRadio-"Creative Conversation"
Exhibit ends on the 12th of July.

Potluck Dinner Party- Chicago South Side Hosts- Passport
Chicago South Side host leaders will gather at the home of one our Southside hosts and discuss upcoming events, initiatives and activities on the Southside of the city. Hosts will bring a dish and eat dinner together!

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HAPPENSTANCE July 21,2017  5pm - 6pm pre-boarding VIP


"Art is Business" posted for Alan Emerson Hicks Exhibit Curator

an art presentation from michelle stone and peter n gray

happenstance has a most positive-enlightening - or even magical impact when
                         our mind, body, spirit, imagination  are wide open to intuition,
                         questions, people, nature, situations, places, ideas,
                         tension, argument, interpretation, sorrow, elation, taste, smell,
                         visions, sounds, simplicity, complexity, short & long silence, mystery
these feed the creative work practice of an artist 

Opening July 21, 2017  at the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, 436 E. 47th Street, Room 205, Chicago IL

The Exhibit runs from July 21st - August 12, 2017Opening: VIP  5pm - 6pm pre-boarding  Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tour 2017, this event is free and open to the public.

Alan Emerson Hicks, 773-501-7730