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Abstract Rhythm and Blues: Keep  Bring The Funk! was the theme for the Phantom Gallery Chicago this Art Basel, this Cubist Guitar sculpture, by artist Victoria Fuller was a Fan Favorite during the Art  Africa Miami Basel in Overtown, at the  Black Archives Historical Lyric  Theater Cultural Arts Complex.
This project was coordinated by the Urban Collective, and Greater Miami Convention & Visitors  Bureau

Cubist Guitar, Artist Victoria Fuller

Featured Victoria Fuller is a Chicago sculptor, painter, and natural science illustrator. Her educational background includes studies at the San Francisco Art Institute, Parson’s Paris Program in Paris, France, and a graduate degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fuller has been honored with fellowships from the Colorado Council for the Arts and Humanities and the Illinois Arts Council with appearances in galleries, museums, and public spaces across the United States. 

Victoria Fuller, joins the Phantom Gallery Chicago, in the landscape of Miami during the Art Basel.  She is being represented with the artwork of Alan Emerson Hicks members of 2D Sculpture Group of Chicago.

Alan Emerson Hicks' artwork is influenced by our society and magic.  His sculptures use plastic discarded objects and American detritus to create objects that comment on what our society finds important.  He is drawn to plastic material because of its weight and variety of color.  Plastic bottle caps and rings become colorful towers that reflect architecture, engineered structures and religious relics.

He uses plastic clothes hangers to create figures and large geometric shapes.  Sometimes he use heat manipulation to alter the shapes of the plastic objects.  Hicks wants to impart in the viewer a sense of magic and wonder about the world around them.  The use of commonplace objects creates that sense.  
"I want the audience to view the plastic materials of their everyday lives anew." Alan Emerson Hicks

Traveling Like the King- by Nicholas Conlon

Nicholas Conlon installation of the Traveling Like the King, 
Rodney Jackson KROMA Director, Resident Curator

Rodney Jackson, and Nicholas Conlon 

The Phantom Chicago Network, was created as a network of support for artists, curators and arts organizers who are engaged in temporary public art installations, in storefronts and projects that engage community response. 

Renee Baker, Alpha Bruton, Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Donnie Carter

Shonna McDaniels

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Rodney Wade
Fanta Celah

2015 Featured Artists:Exhibit installations curated by Alpha Bruton
Alan Emerson HicksRenee Baker, Donnie Carter, Nicholas Conlon, Fanta Celah, Victoria Fuller, Najjar Abdul-MusawwirShonna McDaniels, Liz Tuchwell, Rodney Wade, Gabriel Patti, Michael Anthony Young, Rahmaan Statik, Christine Ilewski, 

Network members of the Phantom 'Gallery Chicago.  

Cynthia Henry & Gregory Stanford 
Milwaukee, WI 53203
United States

The African American Museum
Minna Dunn, and Ernani Silva 
Hempstead, NY 11550-3029