Fanta Celah, at KROMA Gallery in Coconut Grove, Miami Soul Basel

"Art is Business" Fanta CelahFine Artist
Phantom Gallery Chicago Network is featuring the work of artist Fanta Celah at KROMA Gallery in Coconut Grove, Miami Florida. The exhibit will be on display through January 10th, 2016. 

Come and enjoy her classic/ modern range of paintings in the West  Coconut Grove art district.

 Fanta Celah has been creating fine art for 19 years.  Throughout her career, she has received media recognition,  through the likes of TV3 (acraa, Ghana), Voxafrica (London, UK), Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Vogue, etc. She delves into  photo realism, mixed media collage, 3d abstract, landscapes,  geometric  (henna), & cosmic paintings, and continues to push the bar, in the art world.  
Janet Jackson" the Queen"
In August 2015, she had her 2nd exhibition in London, where she debuted a pair of 'afro futuristic' mermaids and an amazing rendition of Josephine Baker, (which sold in October.)  She also has an ongoing collection of metallic 3-d eco paintings.   Amidst her world travels,  Fanta was honored to participate in DakArt 2012, in Dakar, Senegal, (where she sold 5 paintings),  and has permanent art on display in the African Union and the National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She also received the Black Excellence award from the African American Arts Alliance, in 2012 at the Dusable Museum in Chicago,  USA.

Fanta Celah is often coined,  a Renaissance woman, due to her many talents. She is a notable jewelry designer, that recently participated in the Ebony Fashion Fair's 50th anniversary fashion show. Ms. Celah studied and performed with Phil Cohran  as a jazz vocalist for 8 years,  and will soon debut her new single, 'Traveling,'  which was filmed,  recorded in Accra, Ghana by Wanlov Kubulor. She is also a henna tattoo artist of 19 years, a reiki energy healer of 12 years, and a natural model.  Fanta was casted in her first leading role in 'Bar Star City, in 2015, playing a kemetic (nubian) warrior princess (written & directed by Ytasha Womack).

In Fanta’s 2011 collection, entitled "The Rebirth of Soul," she utilizes recycled materials such as mangoes and dehydrated citrus peels to express her personal mission to maintain respect for the earth and its natural resources. This dynamic ingenuity caused her to win the Black Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts, 3-D & Mixed Media.

Fanta’s compositions range from abstract to portraiture. She especially enjoys painting landscapes and seascapes, that allow you to enjoy the sunrise from the comforts of your living room. 

Ms. Celah works with oil and acrylic paint, & her brilliant use of color induces the higher senses and her ultimate goal is to touch people inwardly, to heal, and she continues to inspire people all over the world. When exhibiting in London in November 2011, she was featured on a location TV station, "VoxAfrica" , which consisted of a full interview & a pictorial documentation of her art & her career. 
2015 Featured at Art of Africa Soul Basel, in Overtown, Miami Florida.

Rudy, KROMA's intern proudly stands in front of the art of Fanta Celah
Artist Alan Emerson Hicks, and Rahmaan Statik are also exhibiting in the Phantom Gallery at KROMA.

Museum of Science & Industry 2013 & 2003, Chicago, USA; Gorgeous Galleries 2012 to present, Chicago, USA; DakArt 2012, Dakar, Senegal; ETA Creative Arts 2012, Chicago, USA; Frameless Gallery 2011, London, UK; South Side Community Art Center 2001& 2011, Dorsey's Art Gallery 2010; Brooklyn, NY; National Black Fine Art Show 2008, SOHO, NY; Gallery Giuchard 2008, Chicago, USA; Hard Rock Hotel 2009; Chicago, USA.          +1 773 270 1295    

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