Documenting and Archiving Your Creative Practice

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Harold Washington Library Center
Archiving one’s work is a critical aspect of a career in the arts, but with all the sketchbooks, notes, letters, pamphlets and flyers stacking up what do you decide to keep? How do you organize it? And where does it all go? This panel will be addressing these very questions, providing insight on how to organize your creative legacy.

Leslie Patterson is a reference librarian in the Art Information Center of the Chicago Public Library and has curated the Chicago Artists' Archive since 2006. The Archive began in the 1930's and continues to document Chicago artists to the present day, with over 10,000 artists now included.

Queen Meccasia E. Zabriskie is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology at Northwestern University. The title of her dissertation is Dancing Diaspora: Understanding Embodied Knowledge in the West African Dance and Drum World in Chicago, IL. She is a collaborator on an oral history project titled Black Theater is Black Life: Theatre and Dance in Chicago.

Tempestt Hazel is a curator, writer, overall art supporter and co-founder of Sixty Inches From Center. She received her BA in Art History and Visual Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago.

Nicolette Michelle Caldwell is co-founder and co-executive director of Sixty Inches From Center: Chicago Arts Archive and Collective Project. In addition to her work with Sixty Inches From Center, she is also an independent curator, arts writer and journalist.

Barbara Ciurejis a Chicago-based photographer and graphic designer. She is a former president of , Artemisia Gallery a women's cooperative that closed after 30 years of operation in 2003. She is heading up an initiative to archive the gallery's history, both the work at the gallery and that of its members.