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  Mischtu Maschtu (dISORderLY mIXTUre)
Dates are DECEMBER 6,7,8 2012
Createfest II will be held at People’s Church
941 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60640

Performances will start at 6:10 p.m. until 10:17 p.m.!!
Each night the performances will consist of improv performances done by collaborations of musicians, artists, dancers, etc who have not worked out a performance scenario. All performances will be impromptu and exciting.
Each night the slots will be
6:10 p.m.,7 p.m., 7:55 p.m., 8:45 p.m. with final slot 9:32 p.m...
It may be a duet, trio, quartet or even larger group, but the fun of matching will be Renee Bakers discretion. There will be a leader appointed to each group for organization purposes only and off we go. So, come out and join us for the 2012 CreatefestII.

W.IN.E TV Interview Ms. Alpha Bruton & Ms. Marianna Buchwald

"Art is Business"

W.IN.E™ (Women IN Entertainment) TV Highlights International Artists in its November Webisode
Alpha Bruton and Marianne Buchwald, artists and art administrators in Chicago, advocate, discuss and share their experiences of being females in the art world.
(Chicago, November 1, 2012) --- Chicago is considered one of the top destinations in the world for art, art enthusiasts and artists. Chicago’s passion for art has numerous private and public displays throughout the city. In today’s newly released W.IN.E TV webisode, Alpha Bruton, artist and chief curator of Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, and Marianna Buchwald, CEO of International Art Adventures, expand on their art world backgrounds and experiences from a female prospective. These women discuss their artistic inspirations, while encouraging women, wanting to explore this artistic field, to keep their artistic focus and perseverance. Check out this insightful and informative interview featured on the W.IN.E TV YouTube Channel today.

W.IN.E™ TV executive producer Sheila Henley is so excited to feature these two modern day artists by saying, “This webisode truly exemplifies what W.IN.E TV is all about, as artistic freedom and creativity are the complimentary elements to entertainment.” Ms. Henley continues to say, “My favorite part of this informative interview is when both artists state, don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t do it. These words should be inspirational to all W.IN.E TV women.”

W.IN.E™ (Women IN Entertainment) TV
Sheila Henley, the creator of W.IN.E™ (Women In Entertainment), conceived W.IN.E™ by asking one simple question, “Where are the women in entertainment, and what do they have to say about the industry?” With that, Ms. Henley started W.IN.Ethe newsletter, which grew to become W.IN.E™ the magazine. Now, there is W.IN.E™ TV.

W.IN.E™ (Women In Entertainment) TV has a commitment to be a platform for women who are “Visionaries and Pioneers in their field of Entertainment,” and to encourage and provide role models for women, as well as men. This platform will allow women to share their successes and failures of making it in this dynamic industry. W.IN.E™ TV will encourage and promote content that will be suitable for all ages. W.IN.E™ has been a voice for women in entertainment for almost 12 years. Tune in to W.IN.E

Contact: Dexter Martin 4D-PR
Follow on Twitter: @4DPR

3-D 12 presents "Sculpture Where It's At!

Contact Peter N. Gray,,312-925-4905,

An Exhibition by 3-D 12 Sculptors
"Tear Up, Tear Down"
3-D 12 Sculptors present "Sculpture, Where It's At!", a big-impact exhibition of innovative work including performance, sculpture, painting and drawing relating to the design culture of three-dimensional art.  This collective body of work revolves around Material, the show's theme.  By design, pieces with a natural or industrial context happily co-mingle with vibrant reconfigured plastic and paper works. 
DATES: October 1st through October 15th
LOCATION:  4161 N. Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60613   Phantom Gallery, 773-501-7730
RECEPTION & PERFORMANCE: Saturday, October 13       7-11pm with performance at 8:30pm
GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 6-8pm; Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm; Saturday October 13th continuous 5-11pm, reception starting at 7pm & performance at 8:30pm.

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 7:00pm  Live Performance at 8:30pm

Through a variety of sculpture 3-D 12 offers a full range of color, texture, and style to its audience. Following a successful series of collaborations (2008-2012), artists Peter N. Gray, Alan Emerson Hicks, Mimi Peterson, and Eric Steele continue to explore the metaphysical process of recycling found materials and objects. Shelley Gilchrist, Ruyell Ho, Beth Kamhi, Jim MacRoberts, and Michelle Stone offer a softer interpretation of the theme in personal landscape. The works of 3-D 12 make a clear statement that sculpture can be a way of interfacing between language, lifestyle and emotion in order to join the socially conscious dialog between community and art as prompted by the 2012 Chicago Artist Month theme "Art, Block by Block". 
GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 6-8pm; Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm; Saturday October 13th continuous 5-11pm, reception starting at 7pm & performance at 8:30pm.



Featured Artist - Liz Tuckwell

 Liz Tuckwell is a painter currently living in Chicago, Illinois.

Bio and Artist Statement 2012
  Shortly after graduating with a BA in Spanish from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, she relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she dedicated herself to her artwork and her love of travel. After nearly ten years of creating art abroad, she returned to her hometown of Chicago in 2005.
Tuckwell, Liz
Trio of Green Part III
Oil on Panel
The main focus of her work is painting, which can most accurately be described as Abstract Expressionism.
“My work is a visual collage of colors. Marrying the color elements and the composition of the painting I am effectively able to translate my inner dialogues with an outside audience. I believe that art is an investigation into being, and that my art is an investigation into my own being. Through the examination of colors, forms, composition, and textures in oil painting I am able to deconstruct emotional concepts and present them visually. My work explores the fragility of the internal condition and strives to create a visual conversation and connection with my viewers.”
"Cocoon Revealing Itself"
Recent exhibitions include the Chicago Art Department in May of 2012. She currently lives, works and teaches in Chicago, Illinois. She is available for studio visits by appointment. She can be contacted either by email at, or by telephone at 773 480 5669.
Her work can be viewed online at and information on private classes can be seen at

BAC Installation Day

"Art is Business"  Berlin Art Club Installation Day--- September 3rd, 2012, this hall is a wonderful venue. Artist arrived throughout the morning focused on setting up their wall space in the most productive way. The hall is lit by natural sunlight, can't wait to see how it looks in the evening. I am so honored to be amongst the caliber of artists that joined the Berlin Art Club in its 1st bac honoring 100 artists. The publication is top notice, and the organizers have worked tirelessly to pull off such a venture on a grassroots level.

I worked on recreating a 30" x 36 painting of the AACM Tribute to Fletcher Henderson just for this exhibition. The main image in the painting is featuring Kahir B a Chicago land poet, who is the current president of the AACM of Chicago.  He has relocated to the New York spoken word scene and perhaps in the years to come will check out the Berlin spoken word scene. When I first saw KaHir B in concert at MP  Amphitheater he was on "Fire", I had to capture his pen to paper, as I did Nicole Mitchell, Dee Alexander, and Anne Ward on keyboards.
Susan Fox is the owner of the 1st color study and uses the images to brand her "Intersections Series", held at Elastic Arts. It has been suggested over the last five years that I turn some of my 16" x 12" acrylics on watercolor paper into murals or larger paintings after this residency in Berlin, I think I shall take their advice.

Tonight is the opening, and I am on my way out the door to flag a taxi for the ride over, I won't be on public transportation tonight.

Snap Shot Series

Susanne Quadt- opened her studio to Alpha Bruton, Renee Baker, and Alan Emerson Hicks while they were in Berlin for the International Art Adventure's "Wanderlust Chicago Berlin 2012. She also opened her studio so that we could complete our self directed residency and prepare for the Berlin Art Club's 1st BAC Exhibition. I asked Susanne to share  short snap shot stories of her life and how she began her own journey as an artist fifteen years ago.

Part 1
Part 2-
 Susanne purchased a home in Turkey sixteen years ago, and spends six months of the year there, and the other six months here in Berlin. She describes her home one that still uses a wood burning stove to heat the house, and she takes her tea out on the porch. She often takes her sketch so she can capture  her surroundings, and explore form and texture.


"Art is Business"


I am exploring Germany by way of the Euro-rail, my journey started on July 23rd, where I boarded the  train from Frankfurt, to Ramstein. Since 2009 I have visited the Rheinland-Pfalz, Center for Documentation and Exhibition of the History of the US Americans in the Rhinelnad Palatinate, this years exhibition focus is on Mein Ami, 60 ea of U.S. Air Force in Rheinland Pfalz, 1952 to 2012.

African American performers touring Germany 1960's Archie Bell
The installation gave me some ideas on how to present a research project I am working on for the African American Historical and Cultural Museum in Fresno California, and Fresno Public Library Genealogical Society. Several desk are stationed around the museum for visitors to journal, and record their voice to history.

 I also visited the garden dedicated to President John F. Kennedy, before boarding the city bus to Kaiserslautern where I stopped in on an art gallery, to chat with a couple of artists. While working in my studio in the village of Meinabach I finished art I started in 2011, which concludes my series.

On Sunday September 19th I will be making my way to Sype to the studio of Rolf Schuetzez, ATelier ARtefact, to join Marianna, Renee, and Alan for a intensive self directed residency, creating artwork for exhibition in Pankow, and for Chicago Artists Month 2012. I am also commissioned to create four works of art for the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project by Renee Baker,images I sketched during 2011 Create Fest, at the Brown Rice in Chicago.

2011 VSN

Joining the Wanderlust Chicago-Berlin 2012 project for an installation in Pankow,
Aug 23. 7pm at a public library in Wilhelmsruhe * in East Berlin
Aug. 24 - 25 afternoon and evening exhibition and presentations at Flotte Lotte, these events are organized by our artist friend and curator Renate Brummer in Wilhelmsruhe

The Berlin Art Club is aimed to be a "house of art" a home for all artists, visual artists and performance artists, a place for art lovers of all genres.

BAC is planning to have individual exhibitions of renowned artists and galleries from the Art-space of planet earth to come to Berlin. The BAC is the current front of a number of activities concerning the presentation of art and artists.

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures!

Berlin Art Club 2012 will happen in September 3 - 11th, 2012. I will be displaying artwork created as part of my Vibrational Sound Narratives, representing the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network's first participation in the Berlin Art Club's annual exhibition featuring 100 international artists.

Dee Alexander, and Nicole Mitchell, AACM Tribute 2007

AACM Tribute to Fletcher Henderson 2007

Smaller work will be on sale in the bac store, and a PowerPoint presentation which will show all 139 pieces which are for sale on


"Art is Business"

An Art Consulting Limited Partnership

Hi, I just launched my Wordpress blog website,, feel free to offer your input.  Is the site easy to navigate? Tell me how it looks design wise. Does the website sell the service? Would you be willing to do business with this consulting partnership? Would you trust them to deliver a product based on its online presence?

At Any Squared in Logan Square 2012
I believe that great designs are in the details. I also believe that design must support functionality, and vice versa. One cannot, and should not be used to overcome the weaknesses of the other. Design is more than just choosing colors, typefaces, shapes, and images. Good design works to present information in such a way as to support the information it presents.
When I design a website, (blog interface) I’m constantly considering how the site will be built and how it will function. This way, you can be sure that both design and usability will be considered along every step of the way.

Alpha Bruton
Artist/Art Consultant


Curator Piotr ask Greg what is your art about? Tell me how you began your quest to be an artist?
Greg responds:

BIO: Greg Giesking  It was about a girl!

Poetry is like a good woman
i crave to lust-
carelessly loving large.
As a young boy
trying to find a muse
with a deep ambition to change
the world with words.

Words change with age
as i be get'n older-  
imagination leaks.  As i stubble
upon painting with a vengeance.
Within love, support
of family and friends-
that choose to understand
with no regret,  i continue my approach
to find the light in the darkness (love). 
Only than we have nothing to fear.

Cause i will always be a boy
kick'n in the gutter
an empty pop can-
trying to find the, bleached out
pastels of a road home.
Only to kick in a dent.
Not trying to change society
but only to direct  it
towards humanity. 
Love is chaos
love hurts.
Yet love is a constant- 
like breathing.  
It's  everything we need.
So love large and carelessly.
Life is unexplainable, yet we are here. 
As all of us can take a bad turn.

Do a 180-
and realize again-
we be alive.

Piotr Wolodkowicz Curator of Summer Love

Exhibition dates are July 28, 2012 to August 28, 2012 with an opening on 08/10/2012 at International Arts Group Phantom Gallery 4161 N Damen Ave, Chicago Ill 60619.

The International Art Gallery space is a collaboration project between International Arts Group and the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. This project was created to promote up and coming artists and expose them to curatorial practices in an international gallery setting.

Gallery curators are Piotr Wolodkowicz, Lewis Rice and Alan Emerson Hicks.

For more information please call Piotr Wolodkowicz, at 773- 592- 3442

“Summer Love”

"Art is Business"

Exhibition dates are July 28, 2012, to August 28, 2012, with an
Opening on August 10,2012  7-11pm
International Arts Group Phantom Gallery
4161 N Damen Ave, Chicago Ill 60619

International Arts Group Phantom Gallery is presenting three new artists in a show that deals with the search for love and beauty. Their work provides a refreshing look at love, relationship, and trying to find a person's place in modern culture.


Beth Enterkin is an artist and art therapist living and working in Chicago, IL.  Beth earned her Master of Arts in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her Bachelor of Art in Art Semiotics from Brown University.  As an art therapist, Beth works with trauma survivors and guides them in using artwork to access their own power to heal their emotional scars and enrich their lives.  As an artist, Beth aspires to create something positive from something negative, her work explores beauty from suffering, understanding from pain, fascination and engagement from tedium. 

The paintings featured in this show are from Beth’s Coca Cola series.  This series is about transforming the way that we look at our everyday lives.  There are a plethora of visual possibilities (and a great deal of beauty) to be found in what is at first glance a mundane, familiar object; if only we take the time to see them.

Nicholas Conlon who learned everything on the streets in meat, potato, beer, and gun atmosphere graduated from Southern Illinois University. Nick is the creative director of “Out of the Loop”, which brings local artists together with commercial property owners to fill the empty storefronts around Chicago’s neighborhoods.  He believes by putting art in the windows of these storefronts we create full-on art galleries that benefit not only the artist and the property but the surrounding area, the neighborhood, and the City of Chicago. His first “Out of the Loop” project “EVERYTHING”, is a retrospect of Nicholas’ Art Fashion, Film, Poetry, and Music.” His popup gallery is located at 3004 N. Pulaski, space open on June 29, 2012.
"Out of the Loop Gallery on Pulaski"
Also presenting their work from Greg Lyle is a poet and a painter whose advice is to love large and carelessly, because life is unexplainable, yet here we are, and the gallery permanent collection Piotr Wolodkowicz, Mark Matejko Bugaj, Lewis Rice, Alan Emerson Hicks, Marianna Buchwald.
Mark Matejko

The International Art Gallery space is a collaboration project between International Arts Group and the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. This project was created to promote up and coming artists and expose them to curatorial practices in an international gallery setting.

Gallery curators are Piotr Wolodkowicz, Lewis Rice, and Alan Emerson Hicks.
For more information please call Piotr Wolodkowicz, at 773- 592- 3442

Interested in submitting an application for presenting in the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, send in your bio, jpegs,  to


Featured Artist for “Wanderlust: Chicago-Berlin 2012”

Pete Antonow will join the International Art Adventures at the residency at Atelier Artefact with Rolf Schuetzek curator ATelier Artefact, open air painting, photography, music collaborations, sculpture making, filmmaking, opportunities for self- directed residencies, and to create work for our exhibition in Berlin and in Chicago for Chicago Artists Month.

Born in '65 in Krakow, Piotr is the son of two professional artists and Krakow’s Academy graduates. He has completed the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Krakow and took non- credit classes in the Chicago Art Institute and Evanston Art Center under Eleanor Spiess-Ferris after moving to the United States. He also took private lessons in Gay Riseborough’s studio in Evanston for three years.

Portrait of Susan

His group shows include Peter Jones Gallery’s Grand Finale show, Design Cloud Gallery show, Pop-Up Gallery by Phantom, and Polish Arts Club of America’s annual shows, all in Chicago; he also exhibited at the Oak Park Art League Show in Oak Park, the Evanston Art Center, The Art CenterHighland Park, FWMoA, and others. His work has been bought by private collectors, and he has had paintings sold in EAC auctions.

His work has been shown in the individual show at Peter Jones Gallery in Chicago.
Piotr's life story has parallels with post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin's, who, similarly to Piotr, had a successful commercial career prior to his artistic one. Throughout his twenty-year stint in the business world, Piotr has kept up with and honed his skills developed in art school, dedicating gradually more time to art and less to business.

He lives and works in Chicago’s north suburb with his wife of twenty years, Ludmila, and their four children. While known mostly for his figurative work, he also creates portraits, still life’s, and landscapes as well as abstract paintings.

"Art is Business"

Featured Artist Renee Baker-- Wanderlust: Chicago-Berlin 2012

Violinist/Violist, Composer, Conductor, Artist joins the International Art Adventures at Atelier Artefact with Rolf Schuetzek curator ATelier Artefact, open air painting, photography, music collaborations, sculpture making, filmmaking, opportunities for self- directed residencies, and to create work for our exhibition in Berlin and in Chicago for Chicago Artists Month.

Renee Baker

Ms. Baker has been a member of Chicago Artist Coalition and maintains a private art studio.

 A prolific composer of her generation, Ms. Baker has composed hundreds of creative compositions for her own groups, as well as the Chicago Sinfonietta Chamber Ensemble, Great Black Music Ensemble /AACM(premiered in Umbria, Italy, 2009) and Suoni Per Il Popolo (Montreal), Shedd Aquarium (Chicago), Adler Planetarium, and the Joffrey Ballet Chamber Series. Ms. Baker has premiered over 20  compositions for the Chicago State University Student Afternoon recital Series, from 2002-2007. She has premiered over 10 works on the Chicago Sinfonietta Chamber Series 2008-2010.
Ms Baker was accepted into the cutting-edge Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute at Columbia University in July 2010. She recently completed music score for a film sponsored by the Chicago Architecture Foundation and also composed scores for the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), a program entitled Brass Epiphany, part of the 45th Anniversary celebration of the AACM.

Ms. Baker is founder and music director of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, formed primarily to perform cutting edge new music for large orchestral ensemble. She is also a member of the new London-based experimental string group Burning Wood.
2010  and 2011 brought two world premieres of Ms. Baker’s symphonic work to the Chicago Sinfonietta: Sundown’s Promise for Orchestra and Taiko Drums and Divertimento Notte blu for Orchestra and 6 jazz soloists. In Feb 2012, Subtle Hues of Blackbirds was commissioned, written and performed by the Southeast Symphony Orchestra in Los Angeles, with Ms. Baker conducting. Ms Baker has premiered her multi-tiered work A Different Alone at the Umbria Jazz Festival (Perugia 2009) February 2012 brought a new premeire , entitled Subtle Hues of Blackbirds to critical acclaim with the Southeast Symphony (LA), both penned and conducted by Ms. Baker.

Current works have been commissioned by the Gaudete Brass Quintet, a chamber opera for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago for 2013, 3 independent film scores, numerous solo artists, Jamie Wright Ballet Company (San Francisco), and two recording project involving new works of Ms. Baker, to be completed in London and Glasgow in 2012. Ms. Baker has just been appointed  Composer in Residence 2013-16for the Women’s Jazz Orchestra (LA)and has been awarded July 2012 composer residency in Vietnam  (Pho- Gold Music Collaborations).
Renée Baker is principal violist of the Chicago Sinfonietta and violinist/violist of Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Strings. As a  member of the  AACM and the creative music community, her musical affiliations have include Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Orchestra, David Boykin Expanse, Orbert Davis w/Strings Attached, Doug Carn, Karl Siegfried’s Galaxy String Quartet, Great Black Music Ensemble (AACM), Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, Chicago Jazz Orchestra, and the Mwata Bowden Trio, Tatsu Aoki (Miyumi Project), Roscoe Mitchell and Anthony Braxton, George Lewis, plus collaborations with many others .
Ms Baker has guest conducted the Chicago Sinfonietta, Chicago Sinfonietta Chamber Ensemble, Southeast Symphony (LA), the Too Hot To Handel Orchestra, CHICAGO MODERN ORCHESTRA PROJECT, Mantra Blue Free Orchestra..She has been appointed music director/conductor of the Resurrection Singers and Orchestra (Aurora, Il) upcoming production of  JUBILATE!! With this August collaboration through International Art Adventures, Ms. Baker plans to found an experimental music group in Berlin, based on her new group bluePoem in LA.

"Art is Business"

Art Reception for Esmeraldas Artists

Chicago Ecuadorian dancers gave the mayor a traditional welcome.

Art Patrons attend the IAG- Phantom Gallery for the first time.

Mayor and the Afro-Latino Historical Society propose to do an exchange program with artist and art organizations from Chicago, to exchange exhibitons with artist from Esmeraldas. Artist doing residency projects, and being invited by its mayor, can be a point of connecting cultures and building tourism, for the International Art Group.

All featured artist, art can still be purchased through the International Art Group- Phantom Gallery, all art is are prints from original, customed framed by DigiWorld, cash and carry. The space is open daily 5pm - 8pm, weekends 1-5pm. Call for private viewings, 773-681-6570.

Ruben dario gutierrez:

Alberto Santoro Williams:

"Art is Business"