Featured Artist for “Wanderlust: Chicago-Berlin 2012”

Pete Antonow will join the International Art Adventures at the residency at Atelier Artefact with Rolf Schuetzek curator ATelier Artefact, open air painting, photography, music collaborations, sculpture making, filmmaking, opportunities for self- directed residencies, and to create work for our exhibition in Berlin and in Chicago for Chicago Artists Month.

Born in '65 in Krakow, Piotr is the son of two professional artists and Krakow’s Academy graduates. He has completed the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Krakow and took non- credit classes in the Chicago Art Institute and Evanston Art Center under Eleanor Spiess-Ferris after moving to the United States. He also took private lessons in Gay Riseborough’s studio in Evanston for three years.

Portrait of Susan

His group shows include Peter Jones Gallery’s Grand Finale show, Design Cloud Gallery show, Pop-Up Gallery by Phantom, and Polish Arts Club of America’s annual shows, all in Chicago; he also exhibited at the Oak Park Art League Show in Oak Park, the Evanston Art Center, The Art CenterHighland Park, FWMoA, and others. His work has been bought by private collectors, and he has had paintings sold in EAC auctions.

His work has been shown in the individual show at Peter Jones Gallery in Chicago.
Piotr's life story has parallels with post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin's, who, similarly to Piotr, had a successful commercial career prior to his artistic one. Throughout his twenty-year stint in the business world, Piotr has kept up with and honed his skills developed in art school, dedicating gradually more time to art and less to business.

He lives and works in Chicago’s north suburb with his wife of twenty years, Ludmila, and their four children. While known mostly for his figurative work, he also creates portraits, still life’s, and landscapes as well as abstract paintings.

"Art is Business"

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