2020 Bronzeville Art District Virtual Trolley Tour

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For our followers and collectors, 2020  ZOOM Virtual Gallery/Open Studio will focus on artists "Examining the State of Our Environment"- having "Creative Conversations" with artists in their studios. Art Talks are a great opportunity to chat with featured artists and discover new ones, as well as to show your support.

The Phantom Gallery will look at how the city influences art, and artists transform the city by contributing to civic dialogue and quality of life. These installations will produce "Creative Conversations" presenting artists speaking about their art.

2020 Bronzeville Art District Virtual Gallery Tours
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"Examining the State of Our Environment"
Topic: Phantom Gallery's Personal Meeting Room
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Forecasting what the future holds, and how we adapt to new ways of presenting art engagement, and audience development while practicing social distancing.  Alpha Bruton, Founder of the Phantom Gallery Chicago, is moving to mark out a new and exciting program for the future of gallery practice in a virtual space.

The aim of the Phantom is to examine changes in current curatorial production and to develop innovative displays in relation to virtual spaces. "Curatorial Practice" explores the impact of the urban environment on the artist and their work, and the contributions that artists make to the vitality of a city. The place where art is imagined and made, whether in a physical or virtual space, affects the idea, the process, and the final product.

Phantom Gallery Chicago Artist in Resident –
Renee Baker visual artist/media and film is a resident artist/curator, who has invested into the Phantom Gallery Chicago Loft as an AIR to stage her experimental film screenings, and as an ancillary gallery to showcase and exhibit her sculpture and paintings.


Renee Baker, Chicago IL
Renée Baker has created sonic arenas and compositions for many museums including MCA CHICAGO, MOFA St. Petersburg, Fl., Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MOMA, NY, ARTS CLUB OF CHICAGO, DESTEJILK MUSEUM, Zwolle, NL, MOMA NY, Spurlock Museum Champaign, Il, Krannert Art Museum, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Stony Island Arts Bank, DuSable Museum Chicago, Gardener Museum Boston, alongside prestigious music organizations, Symphony Center, Chicago. She has the privilege of being a Visiting Resident Artist of the CHICAGO SYMPHONY AAN 2017-2020. Her film scores for BODY AND SOUL, THE SCAR OF SHAME along with two new opera projects BALDWIN CHRONICLES MIDNIGHT RAMBLE and A SOVEREIGN POUT both premiered at Symphony Center in 2019 and February of 2020.

July 2020 - September 2021  Featured Artists

 "Creative Conversations” BlogTalkRadio Tuesdays 11am 
Alpha Bruton- Chief Curator at Phantom Gallery Chicago Network a project that connects artists to temporary installation spaces.  In terms of her social practice Alpha is looking at how the city influences art, and how artists transform the city by contributing to civic dialogue and quality of life. These installations produce "Creative Conversations” artists speaking about their art practice.  How does the current body of work, professionally and in your curatorial practice intersect with the ideas of art and social justice, racism, art and wellness, spirituality, and other investigative questions?

Adero Knott- co-curator and founder CEO of AK Prosthetics an emerging voice, and activist on perspectives and clarity on topics that include disability and perspective. Her recent curating experience was at the MCA-Chicago. Bruton and Adero’s artistic vision entails an intergenerational curatorial practice
that seeks to provide a model for emerging and established curators to innovate
in curating inclusive experience, gain practical curating experience and critically
reflect on how their curatorial style will imprint on the Evanston community and
the world. In four exhibitions, each running two weeks, exhibiting artists will
examine the state of their environment in society through themes of Racism,
Spirituality, Documentation, and Art as Wellness.

Guest Featured Artists:
Caryl Henry Alexander, Environmental Installation Artist
Daphne Burgess Moulton, Alabama, Artist Gallery 157 Co-Owner
Talver Germany Miller - Mather, CA, Adjunct Professor Art History
Shonna McDaniels – Sacramento CA, Executive Directo SOJO Art Museum
Larissa AK Johnson- Chicago IL, President of Race to Knowledge and Beyond

Caryl Henry Alexander, Artist/Environmental Installation Artist:
For more than 40 years her work has harnessed the power of creative collaboration with multi-generational, multicultural, and interfaith communities. Together, we conceive, design, and implement public art projects in diverse public settings. She works with media that are both traditional and experimental, often incorporating recycled or found objects, and natural plant materials. In the studio, this work has spanned painting, mixed media printmaking, paper making, textiles, installations, and sculpture. A strong long-term focus in my artwork is on ancestry, culture, environment, and nature. This art has exhibited throughout the US and internationally in small museums, in galleries, and online.

Daphne Burgess of Moulton, Alabama, Artist Art consultant, Gallery Owner
Co-Owner of Gallery 157 created to increase access to art and art experiences through collaboration, community engagement, exhibitions, and educational programming. She is an African American artist living and working in Moulton, Alabama.

Her work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions including the Valley Artists Sculpture Exhibition, Sojourner Truth Art Museum, 1001 Del Paso Works, SMUD Gallery, CSU Sacramento, Brickhouse Gallery, Crocker Art Museum, the African American Museum and Library in Oakland and the African American Historical and Cultural Museum of the Central San Joaquin Valley. Daphne has been leading artists for several grant-funded programs through the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission.

Talver Germany Miller - Mather, CA 

A native of Sacramento, California received a BA degree in Studio Art, BA in Social Science/ Anthropology, and an MS. Degree in the Counseling Education California State University of Sacramento. Associate Professor of Art at Folsom Lake College holds membership Placerville Arts Association, San Francisco Fine Arts Museum, Sacramento African American Art Collection, Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, and California Arts Association. Co-curator of the African American Art Summit at Sacramento City College, and San Jose CA. Presently Co-Founder and Director of the Visual Arts Development Project. Exhibited widely throughout Northern and Southern California, Folsom Lake College, Mc George School of Law, presenter Assisi Italy Third World Art Conference, and resident artist Montego Bay Jamaica, Mazine Inn.

Shonna McDaniels – Sacramento CA,

Founder and Director of the Sojourner Truth Art Museum (founded in 1996). McDaniels is a professional artist/teacher/muralist and community activist, she has an extensive background in art instruction and mural designs. She has studied under some of the finest professors in the Los Rios Community College network and master artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. While residing in Germany, McDaniels instructed art classes for two years on military bases as well as organizing art exhibitions and programs. She has over 25 years of community involvement, with various organizations that support the arts through exhibition, artist residences, community activism, community murals, and organizing community-based festivals in South Sacramento. Has contributed to over 150 murals to the landscape of Sacramento, Stockton, and San Francisco.

Larissa AK Johnson- Chicago IL 

Ms. Johnson is the president of Race to Knowledge and Beyond successor to her late mother's organization, and founder of the Social Move. She received her Visual Arts Certification from the University of Chicago Graham School and Hyde Park Art Center in 2017, her focus is on photography and curation. She is the curator for Sounding Bronzeville, a gathering space along the Burnham Wildlife Corridor. She was featured by the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, in "Experimental-ism", while we exam the state of our environment, 2019 presenting an outdoor video wall projection installation of animation and slides of Black Bodies/Black Life.

Ceremonial Teas in the Context of African American Socials Life

February 15th, 2021 is not a day well-known outside of the African American community as a special holiday, but it is just that to the 12 percent of the U.S. population who are of African American descent. The Tea Ceremony was thought to have been developed by house slaves during the final decades before Emancipation.

May 1st, 2021 
On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers in 13,000 businesses across the United States walked off their jobs in the first May Day celebration in history. In Chicago, the epicenter for the 8-hour day agitators, 40,000 went out on strike with the anarchists in the forefront of the public's eye.

All programming will execute social distancing practices, RSVP limited seating, join us on ZOOM.