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August 21, 2020, Featured Artist Shonna McDaniel's, Artist/Muralist/Museum Practice

Shonna McDaniels founded the Sojourner Truth Art Museum in 1996. In addition to her Executive Director duties, she is also a professional artist, teacher, muralist, and community activist. Prior to 1996, McDaniels was one of the co-founders and artists of the Visual Arts Development Project, teaching art classes, conducting workshops, and organizing art exhibits throughout the Oak Park and Del Paso communities. 

The Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Museum (also known as SOJO Museum) has been actively involved in serving youth and families in the South Sacramento area since 1996 when it developed numerous creative arts programs under the National Academic Youth Corps. Its purpose was to enable youth from culturally diverse backgrounds to stretch their minds and imaginations and to provide a safe environment that stimulates creativity, promotes healthy lifestyles, and develops social skills. After obtaining 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 2002, the Museum has offered scores of no- or low-cost programs, workshops, and activities on-site and out in the community to thousands of youth.

The Museum's programs have positively affected the lives of its participants and the cultural environment of the community. The Museum was founded as collaboration between Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum and the Florin Business Arts Complex where the Museum is housed. SOJO operates as both a traditional Museum and a learning and education center for children, youth, and their families. We offer programs that educate youth about diversity and involve them in hands-on art projects including mural development, clay sculpting, and storytelling. SOJO offers a diverse spectrum of theme-oriented murals, art installations, exhibitions, events, and programs representing African American, Mexican, Latino, Asian, Alaskan, Pacific Islander, Eastern, and Native Cultures. The Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Museum was awarded official Sacramento Museum status in 2008, and in February 2009, participated in the highly attended Sacramento Free Museum Day.

Leadership Statement
As the Founder and Executive Director of the Sojourner Truth Arts Museum (SOJO Museum), Shonna McDaniel's takes pride in ensuring community-driven projects come alive and enable underserved children and families from culturally diverse backgrounds to engage in creative experiences. McDaniel's is a highly qualified, professional artist that has an extensive background in art instruction and mural design. Shonna McDaniels also has over 20 years of managerial and executive experience from both the business and non-profit sectors. By providing access to art experiences, she aims to increase livability, spread cultural understanding, nurture healthy interactions, and support socially responsible programs.

2251 Florin Rd #126
Sacramento, Ca 95822

The museum is located on the corner of 24th and Florin inside the Florin Business Arts Complex, in Sacramento California.