Pop Up Research Station Virtual Café

"Art is Business"  Please Join us Every Tuesday at 11 am PST  1 pm CST

Join us for a Pop Up Research Station Cafe

Next CAFE:  April 27, 2021, Tuesday 11 am PST  1pm CST


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Passcode: popup

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    CAFE MENU   

Home Base

Main room & gathering space. Orientation and Networking.  General Q&A


Pop Up Research Station Town Hall

Hosted by Alpha Bruton

                                   This room is for research hosted by Alpha Bruton (topic TBA) 


Artists design the future

Hosted by Laura Weathered

DIY art spaces, strategies for, finding a developer,  selling the idea: for creating art space. 


Private Room

Available room for private conversation no recording allowed. . Add topic here


  Pop Up Culture

Open topic


Heart Circle

Available room for processing the impacts of covid on our lives.




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