The Ocean Between lV - Virtual Art Talks

"Art is Business"

Interdisciplinary Art and Performance with Katrin Hamann, Hannover and 
Shalaka Kulkarni, Elgin, Illinois

Work by Katrin Hamann
ZOOM Phantom Gallery:, Friday, November, 19th, 2021. 7pm - 8pm.

This year 2021 The Ocean Between III organized by Marianna Buchwald, Cem Koc, Anke Aust, and Beate Axmann, is an International and Interdisciplinary Art Festival, started July 24. 2021 with the grand opening at Gallery bei Koc , Hahnenstrasse 8, 30167.    Our mission is, that art, film, dance, music, and mask theater are an important medium for International understanding to further develop International Art festivals and exhibitions and to create inspiring collaborations amongst artists with different cultural backgrounds and art forms.   
The opening held on July 24.5pm in Hanover features the exhibition The Ocean Between lll, curated by Cem Koc, a dance solo by Ellyzabeth Adler: "Healing Letters", music by Uli Meinholz and Michelle Schaefer, and a performance: "The Three Totems" with Ronit Marach, Nga, Werner Egly, Susanne Spaltenstein and Anke Aust by Marianna Buchwald, as well as works by the artists.

We were delighted to feature these artists from USA: Sarah Beth Woods,  Ellyzabeth Adler,  and in Germany: Anke Aust, Beate Axmann, Andrea Wallgren, Cem Koc, Kristin Heike, Silke Bartsch, Ulli Meinholz,  Fei Zhou,  Timm Ulrichs,  Anette,  Lars Schumacher, Franz Betz , Katrin Hamann, Nini Seide, Knud Go., Michael Hall and Aikins Hyde. 

August 2-8,  The Ocean Between III,  presented works by these artists at various venues in Berlin and performances in Oderberg with Lizzy Erber, Anke Aust, Marianna Buchwald, and Ellyzabeth Adler with music by Ulli Meinholz at the Zuendholzfabrik and with a pop-up exhibition at Airport Tempelhof, curated by Lars Schumacher on July 5- 6. at 7pm.

On Friday, Nov 19, 2021, at 7pm CST  we will present our collaborative work and art with a special exhibition The Ocean Between lV at Phantom Gallery  Chicago, during the Virtual Open Studio.  Presented during the Bronzeville Art District Virtual Art Tour. 
ZOOM Phantom Gallery:

Art Partners:
Galerie Koc, Hahnenstraße 8, 30167 Hanover
Zuendholzfabrik, Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin
Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, Chicago Illinois
The Seed, Art gallery and Triangle Gallery, Riverside, Illinois

Chicago Mask Ensemble dance by Ginny Ching Yuin

Work by Nigel Packham 

Marianna Buchwald , The Ocean of Love

Work by Micha Mphnm Phonem, a collage artist from Hannover Germany

Work by Bishal Manandhar 

Work by Knud Go