Suzetta Whitaker Phantom Gallery Chicago - Newest Advisory Board members

"Art is Business"

Suzetta Whitaker join the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network in 2020, as a new member of the advisory board she brings her experience in public relations, and venture capitalism. She was a Supervisor with the United States Census Bureau, which is responsible for conducting the population count of everyone in the United States. Therefore, she can be a significant part of ensuring communities, organizations, and individuals understand the importance and impact of being counted.  

I first met Suzetta as an Airbnb Host Ambassador in the Chicago Bronzeville community. As Host Ambassador, she ensures guests have a positive experience through the hospitality of sharing her home, the cultural and rich heritage of her community and city. We organized meetups for hosts that live in Bronzeville and neighboring neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago. Participating in merchant walks, and enjoying let us entertain you with local restaurants in the Bronzeville neighborhood. 

Both professions are passions for Suzetta because they are instrumental in making a difference in communities and people's lives. 

Suzetta believes that meeting someone for the first time always leaves them with a positive memory. She has supported events here at the Phantom Gallery Chicago. 

We welcome her to our board and look forward to programming with her and her social circle in 2022.