Pop Up Research Station Collaborative Team

"Art is Business"

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, Space in the Gap, and the Near North West Arts Council/Artist Design the Future have come together with the intent to create a network of support for artists, curators, and arts organizers. That engaged in temporary public art installations in storefronts and projects that engage the community.

Popup Research Station- CAFÉ, a weekly professional development training 2 -hour session, will help build the capacity for that stewardship through training, infrastructure improvements, and external partnerships. Each session will be a working group, with breakrooms designed to have open conversations with collaborators on the team. We envision the project as a portal for shared knowledge, a resource of best practices, ongoing professional development, and a place for moral support to enhance our collective impact.

 In 2012 we launched a Podcast produced by GYST- BlogTalkRadio. Pop-Up Research Station develops gradually: hosting "Creative conversations" that explore "Temporary Public Art Installations," "Storefront Art Movements," "Creative Place-making," and projects that are the impetus for "Cultural Urban Planning." 

The Pop-Up Research Station is the portal to documenting our legacy, giving emerging curators and artists, new to the world of creative placemaking, a "Tool Kit" that has already been 20 years in the making, researched, developed, and implemented by artists who have carved out niches and built new communities from empty storefront to monthly art walks virtual trolley tours.

The interviews were done for Pop-up Research Station are conversational and geared toward the artist's mindset but will be helpful for those interested in our projects as a research tool. Covering snapshots of artist stories, hosting honest discussions on the problems we face, offering a support system as well as soliciting advice on how to avoid the potholes moving forward.


To build institutional capacity, and increase access to archival collections, PopUp Research Station Collaborative Team: Phantom Galleries Los Angeles, Phantom Gallery Chicago Networks, Near North West Arts Council/ Around the Coyote, will carry out a yearlong series of administrative leadership training, hire a part-time digital archivist to develop its archive systems, and train volunteer citizen archivist from each organization.

Priorities for this component will be to catalog the current inventory of each collection;  document and register collections with Google files, preparing them for Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, Library of Congress, and the New York Art Resources Consortium. In addition, digital archivists will conduct monthly training provided by the collaborative team on how to digitization its collections and design these collections to enhance outreach, expand access, and improve collections management.

Representatives from all organizations collaborating on this project have had the option to participate in the project design process. They have been allowed to contribute feedback and edits to the draft proposal, including budget documents. Representatives from all organizations collaborating on the project have been informed throughout the proposal design process. The final application materials have been shared, in total, with the primary contacts listed above.

Representatives from all organizations collaborating on this project understand that their organizations will be required to sign the Intellectual Property (IP) agreement. Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind: inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, images, names, and logos used in commerce to solidify the research data shared between each collaborative partner.

There are several methods PopUp Research Station used to collect quantitative data, including Experimental. Controlled observations. Surveys: paper, kiosk, mobile, questionnaires. BlogTalk Radio -Telephone interviews. Face-to-face and Zoom Virtual Open Studio interviews. In addition, using self and peer assessment will be applied regularly throughout the project.

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, (Bronzeville Art District 2014 - 2021, GALLERY 157, Phantom Galleries Uptown Arts, Sojourner  Truth African Heritage Museum, Visual Arts Development Project)  Phantom Galleries  LA (Loiter Gallery,  Phantom Gallery Long Beach, Phantom Space in the Gap), and the Near North West Arts Council ( Around the Coyote, Artist Design the Future).

Sample mapping of Phantom Galleries Los Angeles