Museum Grants to Support African American History and Culture

"Art is Business" Contact: Shonna McDaniel's,, [916-320-9573] 

$3.9 Million in Museum Grants to Support African American History and Culture Federal Investments Generate Over $3 Million in Matching Funds Washington, DC—The Institute of Museum and Library Services today announced  awards totaling $3,970,069 in Museum Grants for African American History and Culture  (AAHC). The 33 grantees will match these awards with an additional $3,686,498 in non-federal funds. A total of 46 organizations requested grants totaling $5,919,809.

Museum Grants for African American History and Culture support activities that build 
the capacity of African American museums and support the growth and development of 
museum professionals at African American museums.

"It has never been more important for us, the IMLS, the museum world, and all-American
citizens to understand the extraordinary richness of our culture and heritage," said IMLS 
Director Crosby Kemper. "The grants we make with this announcement in the field of 
African American History and Culture are a profound and persuasive indication of that 
and we are proud to support these great programs across the country."

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Institute of Museum and Library Services has announced a 
the grant award of $48,702 to Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum to build 
organizational capacity to support an expanded the Resource and Media Center by 
providing professional development training for museum staff, artists, facilitators, and 
volunteers. Professional development programs will focus on areas of digital 
technology, collections stewardship, and evaluation.

Our parent organization, National Academic Youth Corps Inc, has been actively involved 
with youth and young adults in the South Sacramento area since 1996, when it 
developed numerous creative arts programs, programs on literacy, its purpose was to 
enable youth from culturally diverse backgrounds to stretch their minds and 
imaginations and provide a safe environment that stimulates creativity and promotes 
healthy lifestyles, and develops social skills. 

Saba and  Urban Sunshine, learning installation and assisting curators.

The program goal/project category that the Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum (SOJO)  and associated objective address Goal #1 Campion Lifelong Learning and Advance Shared Knowledge. FY 2022, the museum will focus on the training and professional development of its newly-formed museum staff, docents, and volunteers. The activities include a six-month professional development plan with courses on museum stewardship, bringing experts from the field of library and museum services to conduct workshops on archiving collections, public speaking, presentation, and how to design and implement an effective evaluation tool.

Project Director: Shonna Reshell McDaniels 
Grant Administrator: Daphne Burgess-Bowens
Authorizing Official: Alpha M. Bruton