Park(ing) Day is a month away!

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Park(ingDay is a month away!

Join our global cohort for a series of online gatherings to prepare your Park(ingDay demonstration in good company!

Placemakers worldwide are invited to gather online in August and September to support each others' collective actions for Park(ingDay on September 23, 2022.

We have planned a series of thematic web meetups in the following weeks to inspire, provoke and support you in delivering a temporary parklet in your local context.

For our kickoff webinar tomorrow, we are excited to have John Bela, an originator of Park(ing)Day over a decade ago, who will regale us with stories of Park(ing) Day's past, present, and exciting future! See you there!

Our Portland Mastery Program begins in PDX.

Placemakers have arrived in Portland, Oregon, to learn from one of the most livable cities in America as part of our deep dive Place Mastery Program!

Day 1 started by peeling back all the layers and exploring the geography, ecology, natural forces, and native people who first carved humanity's relationship to this area. It's incredible how the freeways, roads, and mountains that guided native people through this landscape still dictate the  evolved into the current place dynamics.

Congratulations, Frankie!

Frankie McIntosh, a poet/placemaking from Flint, Michigan, successfully crowdfunded her trip to Portland, Oregon, to learn about placemaking and find out where in the field she can contribute the most with her time and talent.

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What We're About

PlacemakingUS is a national network organized to unleash community power to build living, interconnected places together. Through our "United Streets of America" program, we prioritize working with frontline communities that have been uprooted and looted by destructive urban planning, auto-oriented development, racist policies, and unequal investment. Our network is fighting back by equipping communities across the country with a range of tools, experiences, funding, and new relationships to regenerate their neighborhoods into complex, resilient systems transformed to face 21st-century issues like climate change, isolation/polarization, economic inequity, and public health.