Introduction to The Art of Rest with Gigi of Liminal Grace

Gigi held online conversations and presentations on the Pop Up Research Station CAFE this fall, discussing the "Art of Rest." 

When thinking about each presentation, I said, "It's hard to rest—to truly rest."  It's easy enough to be busy or lazy, but neither one is synonymous with rest nor displaces the need to rest. Rest is a necessity and a skill. You might even say it's an art.

In a busy, busy age and in our busy, busy lives, we must learn the art of rest. Our relationships are strained, our bodies suffer stress-induced disorders, and, worst of all, our worship of God is superficial. 
 “The more work there is in your life, the more time you should make for rest. It may sound like a paradox, but you must balance those two elements.”
Rest is a critical necessity, but it takes work to find proper rest. Being busy or lazy doesn't equate to resting or replacing the need for it. Rest is a skill and an art we must learn, especially in this active age. Without rest, our relationships suffer, our bodies become susceptible to stress-induced disorders, and our worship of God becomes superficial.

Spending hours online or on smartphones does not provide genuine rest. These activities are primarily empty and wasted. Socializing with friends and loved ones can be challenging since we must perform specific roles. We must learn to focus on activities that make us feel well-rested instead of what is most enjoyable.

Mindfulness practices, such as yoga, breathing exercises, and mind clearing, can help unite the body and mind. The best thing about mindfulness is that it's easy to incorporate into our daily lives. We can sit down with our eyes closed and follow our thoughts for a moment, letting them come and go on their own accord. This one practice alone can remind us that life is continuously changing and that we should accept it.

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