NO SAFETY IN SILENCE- Conundrum Conversation

"Art is Business" Alpha Bruton, Chief Curator , Renee Baker,Artist in Resident, space is limited RSVP required:

The Phantom  Gallery Chicago will be hosting a launch event on Sunday, October 1st, 3-6 pm as part of our Sunday Salon Series.

Alan Emerson Hicks, and Renee Baker 2017

NO SAFETY IN SILENCE- Conundrum Conversation

As a response to a call for action the Phantom Gallery Chicago will host a film screening of Birth of A Nation, D.W. Griffin, 1915 as part of the CONUNDRUM FILM SERIES followed by Creative Conversation, "No Safety in Silence", that tackles the must serious of issues today.

Film/Conversation  begins at 3pm - 6pm 
BlogTalkRadio Creative Conversation: 5pm-5:30pm
National Launch  Event begins at 6:00pm CST. 

There will be a livestream training followed by an organizing meeting so we can join in the fight to make our democracy more representative and expand access to the ballot in (Illinois). I would love it if you could make it to my event!
RSVP here:
If you have any questions about the event, please let me know! I hope to see you then! email
773-681-6570 for more information.

 I’m very excited to share that ACLU People Power will be launching a brand new campaign called “Let People Vote” to go on offense and expand access to the ballot and make democracy more representative in our state -- and I’m hoping you’ll take action with me! 

In solidarity,
Alpha Bruton

If you can't make it then join us on our Creative Conversation RadioBlogTalk, our scheduled call-in time and on air time is scheduled at 5:00pm CST, on October 1st, 2017, 310-982-4237. 

This project is supported in part by: 

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