2023 Open Studio- During the Bronzeville Art District Art Tours

"Art is Business"

The Phantom Gallery Chicago has been closed to the public since 2020. During the 2023 Trolley Tours in the Bronzeville Art District, our guests expressed disappointment that the Open Studio was not open to the public as advertised. However, we contributed by hosting an outdoor popup experimental film series projected into the environment. Additionally, we had an installation on the 2nd floor common space where I featured my artwork that spanned three decades of various styles and series I had explored over the years.

Alpha Bruton, Chief Curator Phantom Gallery Chicago

Tactical Urbanism in the Horizontal Landscape

Phantom Gallery Chicago "Open Studio" 2023 Collection on display

Marshall Bailey, Shonna McDaniels, Roger Carter, ZERO, Daphne Burgess-Bowen, Phil Cotton, Liz Gomez

Alpha Bruton, "Positive Vibration" series

Renee Baker 

Black and White Collection, BRael Ali, Roger Carter, Marianna Buchwald, Alpha Bruton

Talver Germany, Dale 

Cathy Sorich, Alpha Bruton 

Above Talver Germany, Roger Carter