The art of rest is a Place for Collective Reflection, Imagination, and Transformation

"Art is Business"

The art of rest  is a Place for Collective Reflection, Imagination, and Transformation

Facilitated by Gigi of Liminal Grace 
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September 19th and October 17
Tuesdays at 11am PST/ 1:00pm CST/ 2pm EST

POP UP Research Station Cafe
11am PST/ 1:00pm CST/ 2pm EST
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Meeting ID: 813 6636 7712
Passcode: pop-up

A monthly conversation about our relationships with rest, the function of rest, the role of rest in our art & how rest can change the world!

Pause Portal in Brandywine, MD, Junipers  Garden

About the Facilitator: 

Gigi is a 200-hr certified yoga instructor and eternal student of life. In 2021, she founded Liminal Grace aiming to help folks navigate life with mindfulness, confidence, and ease. Gigi’s teaching reflects these intentions by honoring the nuances of the human experience while encouraging individual power and curiosity along the way. Liminal Grace offers live yoga and meditation sessions, corporate wellness programming and retreats, and educational mindfulness courses, and hosts mindfulness events and retreats.

About Pop-Up Research Station

Pop Up Research Station is a consortium of art consultants who host a weekly online virtual (zoom) cafe.  We have conversations about temporary public art, creative place-making, pop-ups, urban planning, art in storefront programming, artist-owned artist housing, mutual aid, and creating a financially sustainable life doing the work we love.  We envision the cafe as a portal for shared knowledge, a resource of best practices, ongoing professional development, and a place for moral support to enhance our collective impact.

Coordinated by:
Alpha Bruton- Phantom Gallery Chicago Network
Liza Simone-Phantom Galleries LA/ Space in the Gap
Kiela Upton Smith & Laura Weathered- Artists Design the Future/ NNWAC.