Design Charrette facilitated by William G. Hill Gallery Director

Pop Up Research Station CAFE - presents William G. Hill. 

Artist Design Charrette facilitated by William G. Hill Gallery Director

A collaborative planning or design session, often involving interested third parties such as public officials and environmentalists, in which problems relating to a proposed project are discussed and solutions adopted in a limited time frame.

Highly dedicated to the scholarship of art criticism within the genre cinema and contemporary art, as well as initiating aesthetic and philosophical discussions on the production, meaning, and reception of art in postmodern culture.

The creation and implementation of national and international exhibitions. Selecting emerging and established artists for major fine art exhibitions. Utilizing curatorial practice to challenge traditional forms of representation.

The Woodlawn Botanical Nature Center is a not-for-profit garden space. We display a living collection of native and cultivated plants near the vicinity of Hyde Park Academy.

We aim to educate, engage, and encourage youth of all ages about the value of plant diversity, sustainability, and community well-being.

Goals and Objectives
We aim to develop community programs and innovative ways to explore, understand, and save plants. We assist youth, adults, and seniors in the exploration of hands-on learning as well as enriching the lives of a community through fostering an awareness and appreciation of wellness and plant diversity.