Long Beach Gives- Loiter Galleries, INC Nonprofit support.

"Art is Business" https://www.loitergalleries.com/.    
Loiter Galleries is a network partner of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network.

We certainly appreciate all you do for Loiter...and yes, you guessed it. 
It's donation time again. But we're not asking you for money. 
We made it simple for you.
We shook it up and are now a part of Long Beach Gives. 
It's a citywide, online fundraising campaign to raise awareness and inspire community giving for Long Beach nonprofits.

Here's all you need to do

We're asking only a few of our closest supporters and friends to reach out to their contacts and send them to our page to donate to our non-profit mission.
That's it!

Just go here and fill out some information, and please send it to your contacts.

Here's the link with simple instructions, and thanks again.

....And we are truly grateful for all your support in the past. 


Community Events Microgrant Program
In an effort to attract and support the creation of more live events in Downtown Long Beach, DLBA has implemented an easier and more transparent application process for its Community Events Microgrant Program. The application process for events taking place between October 12, 2023 – March 31, 2024, is open, with the deadline to apply by October 1, 2023. Community Events Microgrant applicants are encouraged to review DLBA’s service area boundaries to ensure their proposed event will occur within them.