"Art is Business" was reposted by Alpha Bruton and produced by the Kavi Gupta Gallery on January 22, 2024.

Video by Charlie Ahearn, Music composed by T.J. Anderson, Video production by Alitash Kebebe and Charlie Ahearn.

Kavi Gupta amplifies the voices of diverse and underrepresented artists to expand the canon of art history. We foster an evolving conversation among international communities about art and ideas through innovative and ambitious exhibitions, multimedia programming, and rigorous publications. Communities create culture, and representation is a step towards inclusivity and justice. Equity in the art field starts with everyone getting a seat at the table, but it does not end there. We offer a platform to artists whose vitality expands and deepens the cultural conversation, especially if a voice has been marginalized due to their identity, social or political perspective, or aesthetic position.


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