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As A Woman of Ability and Talent Featured Artist Talver Germany

"Art is Business" 2020 Phantom Gallery Chicago Network Featured artist Talver Germany

A native of Sacramento, California, I was educated like many other artists from grammar to graduate school. I received a BA degree in Studio Art, BA in Social Science/ Anthropology and an MS. Degree in Counseling Education all from the California State University of Sacramento.

My vision of beauty is based on my traditional African American culture, coupled with my mother's love and encouragement that has to help me to develop a sense of self-confidence and a true interest in the wondrous world of art.
As a woman of ability and talent, I am able to explore any number of media to express my creativity. My teaching and own work involve working in an easel, plain air, and mural painting, ceramics /clay sculpture, pen and ink, and the experimentation of jewelry making. All contribute to my goal of producing more sophisticated and challenging works that pass to my students and teaching skill…

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