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Wash Your Hands First BlogSpot

"Art is Business"  Wash your Hands First is a Blogspot,

Hello Phantom Gallery Chicago Network artists, I started authoring this blog a decade ago in 2009. I have posted regularly and irregularly over the past decade, not knowing that we'd be in an age of having to tell the world to WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST!But yet here we are.

All over the country, the weekly family get-together is alive and well. It's a tradition worth keeping (or even starting up). Just since December 2019, we had 5,908 views, from folks looking for Holistic Healing Systems Health and Wellness. So please forward this link to your family and friends and let's continue to uplift each other during this time and plan on celebrating each other in our futures. 

I started "Wash Your Hands First" as a communal dinner a place for a discussion examining the relationships between local communities and their role in creating access to the arts. Each host has taken time out to prepare a special main dis…

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