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"Art is Business"  Felicia Grant Preston
THE SHOTGUN SHACK/HOUSE A Family Affair - From the other side of the tracks

The traditional shotgun house is a narrow rectangular residence, usually no more than 12 feet wide, with rooms arranged one behind the other. Its doors are located at each end of the house. The Shotgun house is also referred to as a Shotgun Shack, Shotgun Hut, or Shotgun Cottage. There is much controversy surrounding the origin of the Shotgun House, some saying that its origins can be traced back to Africa, Haiti, or the West Indies, and popularized in New Orleans.  

There is further suggested that there may be a more spiritual reason for its name. In West Africa, it may have been derived from the word “shogun” which is translated to “God’s House”, or from a Dahomey Fon term “to-gun” which means place of assembly. The most common reference to the Shotgun house is, that if you fire a Shotgun through the front door, the shot would pass through each room, and out th…

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