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My vision of beauty is based on my traditional African American culture, coupled with my mother's love and encouragement that has to help me to develop a sense of self-confidence and a true interest in the wondrous world of art.

As a woman of ability and talent, I am able to explore any number of media to express my creativity. My teaching and own work involve working in an easel, plain air, and mural painting, ceramics /clay sculpture, pen and ink, and the experimentation of jewelry making. All contribute to my goal of producing more sophisticated and challenging works that pass to my students and teaching skills. In addition, I have begun to assimilate my personal experiences of the West Indies (Jamaica) in the creative use of color, form, and texture in my artwork.

Overall, I feel strongly that my maturity as an artist has stimulated me to experience new ways of expressing the African ancestry that overwhelms me with a sense of joy, creativity, love, and spiritual bonding.

Conversation Town Hall "You Get What You Deserve: Welcome to the indignation

"Art is Business" Press release update: You may already know,  Space in the Gap (SG).  evolved out of Phantom Galleries LA (PGLA) programming.


Every idea needs space

 Space in the Gap produces, co-produces, and hosts cultural events and creative small businesses in vacant commercial spaces.  PGLA organizes the art in storefront programming for SG.  Loiter Galleries, a non-profit art in storefront program that launched out of PGLA’s stARTup program to incubate new art in storefront programs will curate exhibitions as well. 

Pop Up Research Station is a space to pool resources and support those working in temporary public art. PGLA loves The Conversation Art Podcast so we invited Michael Shaw to host his virtual café’ in collaboration with the SG online calendar.  

This last year, PGLA & SG had quite a few false starts. No surprise due to rapidly changing environments  We remain committed to creating opportunities for our arts community. New spaces are launching in Mission Viejo, Orange County this November. Loiter is programming in Long Beach.  This email blast is to invite you to Friday’s Conversation Café!  We knew you wouldn't want to miss it and we look forward to seeing you!   Don't forget to VOTE! :)

Cafe: The Conversation Art Podcast 11:30 AM PST. FRIDAY. 10.30.2020

You are not going to want to miss our next virtual cafe with special guest Nato Thompson  (curator, and author of Culture as Weapon, and former 2-episode guest of this podcast, will be doing a short presentation titled  "You get what you deserve: welcome to the indig-nation." 
[hosted by artist Michael Shaw host of The Conversation Art Podcast.]

Friday, October 30, 2020, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm PST.  
Online:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86576127651 
Password:  art podcast (zoom details below)

Thompson will discuss "the rise of effect as a semiotic expedient in the age of social media. This net-based emotional roller coaster has lent an all-too familiarity with internet trolls and moral outrage as the go-to language of online communication... this phenomenon that has not only provided the rise of Donald Trump, but also a growing understanding that affects holds more sway than content."

Thompson will do a roughly 15-minute presentation, followed by a q&a.
The continued conversation after the Q&A may be offered where we will choose topics prompted by our discussion and take them into the break out rooms for more intimate and in-depth exchanges. into the break out rooms for more intimate and in-depth exchanges. 

About Nato Thompson
From: https://www.natothompson.com/about

I am an author and curator based in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. I love this city. I write often about contemporary art and politics. I have also been doing interviews on Instagram on IGLIVE @natothompson with a show titled Let's Talk Alternatives.

Currently, my passion is the production of cultural infrastructure. I should soon be announcing something a little more specific in this regard. It has been a long time coming. I arrived at it by way of working in a variety of contemporary art non-profits while also navigating the complex territories of art, activism, and the production of meaning.

This journey has been informed by my work with Philadelphia Contemporary where the dream has been to build a civically engaged world-class kunsthalle (contemporary non-collecting art museum) in Philadelphia. Previous to Philadelphia Contemporary (I joined in November of 2017), I worked at Creative Time as Chief Curator from the years 2007 to 2017, before that I was at MASS MoCA from 2001-2007. 


More about Cafes:
Cafe's range from an hour to 90 minutes. You can drop in at any time during the call. Custom breakouts are available so you can move into small groups as desired with whomever you choose, or on any topic you wish.  A Cafe Menu is posted for each cafe.   Cafes happen on a regular schedule or can occur spontaneously. Cafes are a place to connect, network, and hang out. 

 Our intention is to inspire participation and collaboration creating an online experience like no other.   The SG Calendar offers our communities a place to network on an ongoing and casual basis.

For questions or more information contact Space@SpaceintheGap.com
SG Mailing list  http://eepurl.com/space 
Space in the Gap produces, co-produces, and hosts art & culture events and creative small businesses in vacant spaces. Every idea needs space.

LJA BeanSoup The Social Move Larissa Akinremi Johnson

Larissa Akinremi Johnson:

The Social Move is an initiative founded by Larissa J-Akinremi. She has been a tutor and mentor for over 30 years and is the product of the “ It takes a village to raise a child”.
Artist Statement

The daughter of creative visionary’s activist Bobbie Johnson and Zaid A. Maalikulmulk, 80s club kid and social curator Larissa Johnson-Akinremi (b. Baltimore, MD, 1969) began her career as a jewelry designer in the early 1990s after college and years later as a freelance make-up artist and fashion stylist. In 2000 she became the host, promoter, and nightlife social curator for Deep House Page; Chicago’s premier source for music entertainment and dance culture. Now her focus is on photography and curation. 

She is inspired by nature, people, social interaction, music, and dance culture. She enjoys the surreal, and spiritual realm and some of her work encompass those forms. Larissa’s process includes photography of human form, a play on light, and body movement, which also includes spoken word, animation, video, and performance art. In her spare time and upon request she is also a DJ. Johnson’s first solo exhibition People, Places, and Things took place in 2015 at Tangible Things. Her work was most recently featured at Beats and Treats, a solo exhibition at Chicago’s Bronzeville Room 43.

October Virtual Trolley Tour- Open Studio

Resources: Activating The Cultural Power of a Movement

"Art is Business"

Artist Shonna Mc Daniels / 10 yr Sacramento flashback and 2020 “A seat ...

"Art is Business

"WIDE OPEN WALLS MAP. Filter by year location, or click “Surprise me!” to learn more about the murals and the artists behind them in the Wide Open Walls Mural Festival. Due to COVID restrictions, we are not offering any tours now. Please Take yourself on a tour by adding murals to a custom Sacramento mural tour. 

Ms. McDaniels has contributed to over 150 murals to the landscape of Sacramento, Stockton, and San Francisco. These collections can be found in Sacramento Unified School District, Sacramento Arts Commissions, County of Sacramento, Florin Business Arts Complex/Sojourner Truth Murals Project. 

Before 1996, Shonna McDaniels was one of the co-founders and artists of the Visual Arts Development Project (founded in 1988). McDaniels taught art classes, conducted workshops, and organized art exhibits throughout the Oak Park and Del Paso communities.   She has donated art to various organizations and helped raise money for charitable causes throughout the Sacramento Region.  She has over 25 years of community involvement with various organizations that support the arts through exhibitions, artist residences, community activism, community murals, and organizing community-based festivals in South Sacramento.