CALL for Abstract Artists/Curators/Installation Artists/Performance Art /Media/Film


“Keep Bringing the Funk”

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network:
Miami Art Basel Dec 3-6, 2015
Artists/Curators/Installation Artists/Performance Art/Media/Film
Application Deadline Nov 1, 2015 

The PGCN Art Basel Curatorial Committee, will be choosing projects in the following categories.

Network Galleries: The main sector, featuring established independent artists/curators. These Pop-Ups are by invitation.

Edition: The sector for online, prints and other multiples online projects (10”x10”)

Film: Film and video works program playing inside the venue and projected outdoors

Installation: Curated exhibition of outdoor sculpture, site-specific, installations, and public artworks.

Nova: Curators presenting recent works by one, two, three represented artists

Performance/Art: Staging performances during art openings in venues

Solo: project, by emerging artists with young artists

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will be securing properties near: Overtown, Miami’s Design District, Miami Beach and Downtown Miami. We will be working with Popup Services/Phantom Galleries LA, to secure locations. Information on how the Phantom Gallery process of space acquisition can be found. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your application. 
Please contact Project Manager Lavon Pettis, Global Resources ID via,

Subject: Art Fair Application.


Mid August Notification of selection results
Mid-August- First Invoice for sent out for participation
Mid- September- Phantom Gallery Chicago Featuring Selected Artists
Late - October- Final Invoice, Chicago Artists Month/Featured Artists
Mid - November- 28th Installations begin in Miami
End - December- Final invoice set to galleries

The participation application fee $40.(via Paypal)
Artists must hold affiliated membership with the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network by place of residence, or through our organizational network. 
Admission deposit is $100.00 due upon first invoice
Applicants must submit completed online applications in order to be considered for this event,
•Applicants must also submit their website information as well as 3-4 images that show what type of installation they have produced in the past.

•Phantom Gallery Chicago will not provide transportation, shipping or delivery of artwork for any invited participating artist/curator/ installation artist.
•Phantom Gallery Chicago will cover the insurance on any vehicle used for the transport of artwork to Pop Up space in Miami, and will cover liability for volunteers doing business for the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network.

ALL INDEPENDENT AGENTS/GALLERIES will be required to provide a certificate of insurance listing the Phantom Gallery Chicago as additionally insured. If vendors do not have existing insurance, they can purchase event insurance through Phantom Gallery Chicago Network for $200. (Cost of deductible)

Please fill out the form below and email to  



Name of Project:_____________________________________ 
Name of Artist/Organization: ___________________________ 
Contact Name: _____________________________________  
Address: ____________________________________________ 
City/State/Zip: _______________________________________ 
Telephone: __________________________________________Fax: ________________________________________________ 
E-mail: ______________________________________________  
Web site:(Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Myspace, other)
How did you hear about Phantom Gallery Chicago?
Artist(s) Bio/Statement (write a statement about your work in general and your process in 250 Max)

Please provide a detailed description of your proposed use of a Pop-Up exhibit site.

How much space (Wide x’ deep x’ high) does your installation/work require?What are your electrical needs? Do you have any additional needs or requirements?

·         Curriculum Vitae please include your name, address, phone number and email address along with exhibition and educational background.)
·         Please include a Web site links of your work along with 3-4 or JPGS.
·         For installations: description to clearly convey your concept
·         For video work: For curatorial previewing, please supply Quicklime data files on either FLASH drive,  CD or DVD (non-encoded). Video segment should be no longer than 3 minutes and cued to the appropriate segment for panel to view. (You Tube channel is fine) Time-based media, video art or documentation of performance art, should be submitted. Please do not submit videos of documentation of artistic process.
·         For live art: web site links that document previous work; title, and a description of content and concept of proposed work.
·         For artists outside of Chicago: Please include a brief statement showing your means to get to Chicago and availability to assist with staffing of the gallery.

 Membership fee of $40 can be sent by Paypal, mailed by check to: Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, 440 E. 47th Street, Room 205, Chicago IL  60653 

Alpha Bruton - Art Consultant/Chief Curator Phantom Gallery Chicago Network

An Art Consulting  LP , is a limited partnership of consultants to individual artists, and small non-profit art organizations. Our goal is to insure that artists, and nonprofit community arts organizations benefits from the best possible professional services from our members. As Chief curator for PGCN, Bruton, offers educational and professional growth opportunities and strives to assure that its members provide first-rate services to artists and nonprofit clients under the aegis of a fully professional code.
Lavon Pettis- Global Resource Innovation Development

Lavon is a Creative Business Development Specialist who blends her background of Psychology and Sociology into the world of creative professionals such as fine artists, writers, actors, and cultural arts musicians. It is her goal to connect artists to galleries, critics, collectors and various communities in support of the artists’ work. She is especially keen on integrating music, storytelling, and cultural arts into the fields of education and community outreach.

Applicable regulations

All installations must adhere to the City of Miami Fire and Safety Requirements, and agrees to strictly observe and follow these regulations and requirements, especially in regard to the construction of their display.
Place of jurisdiction

Exhibition Regulations shall be governed and construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida. All disputes under these regulations shall be resolved by the courts of the state of Florida including the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and the parties all consent to the jurisdiction of such courts, agree to accept service of process by mail, and hereby waive any jurisdictional or venue defenses otherwise available to it. However, the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, shall be entitled to pursue any claims it may have against an exhibitor before the court's holding jurisdiction for the place at which the exhibitor has their domicile or seat.
Place,                                                                               Date

Gallery name ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Legally binding signature -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(You can print this document, create a PDF, submit online through Dropbox)

A portion of  funds raised from this festival will be donated to the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network a Charitable Trust in the State of Illinois, for its Arts Education Programs.

Arts and Music Festival in Lake Station, Indiana Call For Artists

"Art is Business"Georgia Hatfield. The Fox  Gallery 

The Fox Art Gallery is hosting our Arts and Music Festival in Lake Station, Indiana, July 11, from 10-6 pm. We are located at 2901 Dekalb Street in Lake Station, which is two blocks south of Central Avenue. We can be reached from 80-94 and you take the Central Avenue Exit. Then you go to the second stop light after the exit, which is Dekalb Street and take a right turn, the gallery is two blocks south on the left side.                                                                 
 The booth spaces are $30 per booth.   We are looking for all mediums of artists, artisans, up-cyclers, creative businesses, etc for our booth spaces. We already have a line up of music for the day, including a great drumline!   We have some food vendor's, but are looking for a few more. Thank you so much for your help! We are also planning a fall festival to take place September 26th as well, same time and location!  The Gallery phone number is 219-433-2660.  

I am also including a booth space application as well!