Suzetta Whitaker Phantom Gallery Chicago - Newest Advisory Board members

"Art is Business"

Suzetta Whitaker join the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network in 2020, as a new member of the advisory board she brings her experience in public relations, and venture capitalism. She was a Supervisor with the United States Census Bureau, which is responsible for conducting the population count of everyone in the United States. Therefore, she can be a significant part of ensuring communities, organizations, and individuals understand the importance and impact of being counted.  

I first met Suzetta as an Airbnb Host Ambassador in the Chicago Bronzeville community. As Host Ambassador, she ensures guests have a positive experience through the hospitality of sharing her home, the cultural and rich heritage of her community and city. We organized meetups for hosts that live in Bronzeville and neighboring neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago. Participating in merchant walks, and enjoying let us entertain you with local restaurants in the Bronzeville neighborhood. 

Both professions are passions for Suzetta because they are instrumental in making a difference in communities and people's lives. 

Suzetta believes that meeting someone for the first time always leaves them with a positive memory. She has supported events here at the Phantom Gallery Chicago. 

We welcome her to our board and look forward to programming with her and her social circle in 2022.

"Thinking About Art Space: Interaction with the mind of an Architect"

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Join us tomorrow for "Thinking About Art Space: Interaction with the mind of an Architect" with Charles Smith NOMA, AIA. Tuesday Dec 21, 2021 - 1:30pm central
Join the discussion on Zoom OR Watch Live via Phantom Gallery Chicago Network FB page.
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An open studio visit with Alpha Bruton Chief Curator

Bronzeville Art District Art Tour 2021 final installment of virtual open studio. Featuring the work of Alpha Bruton, artist and chief curator of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. Talks about the year in review and the curators that have made it possible to continue to exhibit in temporary exhibition spaces.  Noting the works of her spirit keeper series and the exhibition schedule for 2022. The Bronzeville Art District is sponsored by AARP and is the most prominent African American Art District hosting a virtual trolley tour nationally.


Renee Baker

Susan Fox, Logistic Manager

Trish Williams, and Rhonda Hardy

Pop Up Research Station Artist Design the Future

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NEW POP UP Research Station Cafe 
Grab your lunch and join in each Tuesday 
11am PST/ 1:00pm CST/ 2pm EST

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On Nov 30 from 1:30-2:30pm Central time, Pop Up Research Station discusses 4 case studies of art space development and ownership models.  Building on the Creative Canvas/business plan discussion section called "Key Activities."

We want to invite some of our key partners and newly forming steering committee members, and general attendees/public as usual.

This will be a  Livestream event on this Nov 30 discussion on multiple platforms, Facebook & YouTube, or more. It can stream up to 10 platforms simultaneously & allows for showing comments/questions on the screen in real-time. 

The Popup Research Station CAFE will offer Streamyard for future Research Station events.
Creatives Building Community

Liza of Space in the Gap, co-founder of Popup Research Station 

Artists Design the Future - creating art space with Laura & Kiela,

Popup Research Station Townhall, with  co-founder Alpha Bruton 

Open room: Anyone can host this room on any topic each week
Chill in the Heart Circle Room - rejuvenate and reset.

Stay for the whole time or as long as you want.
Laura Weathered  /  Kiela Smith-Upton, Project manager
312-447-9254          312-880-7744  
Co-Founders, Artists Design the Future

“What is Racial Justice?” Closing

"Art is Business" Fran Joy Artist/Curator/Life Coach

We will have a guest speaker, a psychologist, Dr. Litesa Wallace, and former running mate to mayor Daniel Biss when he ran for governor. She will speak on the current racial climate and its psychological impact.

This has been a significant exhibit. Please let me know if you can make it by replying to this email. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Also, there have been requests from various sources for a closing event for the "What is Racial Justice?" Exhibit.

I want to thank Angela Allyn, the Noyes curator, for this opportunity to make it happen. I hope that you all will be able to attend. It has been an honor to have you all participate. People are still coming to view the exhibit, and some have returned to see it again and brought others, including curators from the Block Museum and a class of Northwestern students.rtists,

We started this with an opening on “What is Racial Justice?” What does it mean? What does it look like? How do we get there?
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!” MLK Jr

We opened with featured guest speaker, Jude Laude, former school board member, speaking on Haiti and we raised $1080 for the relief effort at the border. We closed with featured speaker, Dr Litesa Wallace, former IL State Rep, speaking on the impact of the current racial climate. Both were educational, informative and moving.

I would like to say that we closed also at this time period with a clear, historic and rare example in America of what racial justice is and how we get there, with the “guilty" verdict of three men in the south who hunted down and killed an innocent man for the color of his skin. 

My heart felt thank you goes out to all the participating artists who answered the call with varied expressions of what it all means.
The exhibit received a lot of buzz, visits, repeat visits and praise and made me humbled and proud as a curator. Mayor Biss visited with his family, Block curators came and took pics, Northwestern classes came through and many others.

Thanks also to the artists who donated prints for the silent auction and those who gave artist talks at the closing. It’s always inspiring to hear more from the artists about their work.

I hope we find more collaborations in the future, because art crosses boundaries and constructs.
Take care and have a safe and joyful season!

The Ocean Between IV Virtual Open Studio

"Art is Business"

ZOOM Phantom Gallery:,

Artists Design The Future "CREATIVE CANVAS" Business Planning

Join us today! Pop Up Research Station Cafe
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Open virtual studio visit with artist Lashon Fouche of the Wild Yams Col...


Venise Keys is a visual artist, writer, and educator raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Venise's art has been exhibited throughout Chicago at The Cre.ea.tive Room, the Museum Science, and Industry, KaLab Gallery, +Plus Gallery, Woman Made Gallery, and Intersect Chicago (formally known as SOFA: Sculpture, Objects, and Functional Art & Design Fair). She also exhibited at Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, and the Saint Louis Museum of Art in Saint Louis, Missouri.

She has a Bachelors's and Master's degree in Painting with a Certificate in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies for her research on Black Feminist politics. She served as adjunct faculty of art for Illinois Central College, Bradley University, and has lectured at Dillard University on the role of the Black artist. This work is published in the scholarly journal, Kalfou: Comparative and Relational Ethnic Studies.

This year, Venise's writing on art education has circulated to Norway, Germany and she is recently published in a New York arts and culture magazine, Hyperallergic. Venise is currently an artist-in-residence at Wild Yams: A Residency for Black Women & Mothers located in The Cre.ea.tive Room. Venise teaches high school visual art at Art In Motion Creative Arts School and is the program director for the Kappa Chapter of Gamma Xi Phi Professional Art Fraternity.

What is the Lashon Fouché method to holistic arts education?

Increased self-esteem by abandoning perfectionism and imposter syndrome habits about art-making.

Developing intentional creative routines to use observations, emotions, meditations, and daily life dreams in the artwork.

Offering consultations/programming collaborations to promote alternative expressions of knowledge and socially responsible activism.

The Ocean Between lV - Virtual Art Talks

"Art is Business"

Interdisciplinary Art and Performance with Katrin Hamann, Hannover and 
Shalaka Kulkarni, Elgin, Illinois

Work by Katrin Hamann
ZOOM Phantom Gallery:, Friday, November, 19th, 2021. 7pm - 8pm.

This year 2021 The Ocean Between III organized by Marianna Buchwald, Cem Koc, Anke Aust, and Beate Axmann, is an International and Interdisciplinary Art Festival, started July 24. 2021 with the grand opening at Gallery bei Koc , Hahnenstrasse 8, 30167.    Our mission is, that art, film, dance, music, and mask theater are an important medium for International understanding to further develop International Art festivals and exhibitions and to create inspiring collaborations amongst artists with different cultural backgrounds and art forms.   
The opening held on July 24.5pm in Hanover features the exhibition The Ocean Between lll, curated by Cem Koc, a dance solo by Ellyzabeth Adler: "Healing Letters", music by Uli Meinholz and Michelle Schaefer, and a performance: "The Three Totems" with Ronit Marach, Nga, Werner Egly, Susanne Spaltenstein and Anke Aust by Marianna Buchwald, as well as works by the artists.

We were delighted to feature these artists from USA: Sarah Beth Woods,  Ellyzabeth Adler,  and in Germany: Anke Aust, Beate Axmann, Andrea Wallgren, Cem Koc, Kristin Heike, Silke Bartsch, Ulli Meinholz,  Fei Zhou,  Timm Ulrichs,  Anette,  Lars Schumacher, Franz Betz , Katrin Hamann, Nini Seide, Knud Go., Michael Hall and Aikins Hyde. 

August 2-8,  The Ocean Between III,  presented works by these artists at various venues in Berlin and performances in Oderberg with Lizzy Erber, Anke Aust, Marianna Buchwald, and Ellyzabeth Adler with music by Ulli Meinholz at the Zuendholzfabrik and with a pop-up exhibition at Airport Tempelhof, curated by Lars Schumacher on July 5- 6. at 7pm.

On Friday, Nov 19, 2021, at 7pm CST  we will present our collaborative work and art with a special exhibition The Ocean Between lV at Phantom Gallery  Chicago, during the Virtual Open Studio.  Presented during the Bronzeville Art District Virtual Art Tour. 
ZOOM Phantom Gallery:

Art Partners:
Galerie Koc, Hahnenstraße 8, 30167 Hanover
Zuendholzfabrik, Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin
Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, Chicago Illinois
The Seed, Art gallery and Triangle Gallery, Riverside, Illinois

Chicago Mask Ensemble dance by Ginny Ching Yuin

Work by Nigel Packham 

Marianna Buchwald , The Ocean of Love

Work by Micha Mphnm Phonem, a collage artist from Hannover Germany

Work by Bishal Manandhar 

Work by Knud Go

Bronzeville Art District- Virtual Trolley Tour Open Studio

"Art is Business" 

Phantom Gallery:

Please join us this evening for October 15, 2021, Bronzeville Art Tour starting at 7 pm.

Virtual Experience: To enjoy the evening virtually, please see the links below. You can visit any of the galleries, art institutions or studios and experience the amazing art and entertainment you would find on our in-person trolley tour. You can pop in and pop out and visit for as long as the presentation is available.

Links are subject to change. Please check before the event.

Gallery Guichard: Virtual and In-person
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International numbers available: International numbers available:

Faie Afrikan Art: Virtual and In-person

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Blanc Gallery: Virtual and In-person

South Side Community Art Center: Virtual Only

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 International numbers available:

Meeting ID: 998 0571 5631 Passcode: 098588

Bronzeville Artist Lofts - Virtual 

Phantom Gallery:

Raymond Thomas Studio:

Alan Emerson Hicks:

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Curator Fran Joy Presents "What is Racial Justice?"

"Art is Business"

"LIFE" Young Brides- Children 1936 – 1941
Radical justice and women's rights movement beginning with child brides.
24" x 24"
Mixed media collage mixed media, acrylic, crayon, nail polish, lacquer.

"LIFE" Young Brides- Children 1936 – 1941, 24" x 24", Collage mixed media, acrylic, crayon, nail polish, lacquer.

Finding these images for this collage on the museum board was purely random. I was looking through a box of vintage LIFE Magazines dated 1936-1941. I selected these images because they were used in an article captioned "The Age of Parenthood Declines as Young Girls Marry." The content was disturbing to me. I turned the pages of history and saw how disturbed the moral needle was in the United States during this era.

The creation of "Social Experiments" and "Child Protection Laws" buried in the Social Security Disability laws, only after animal rights. During this era, we were a country at war. These wartime childhood images come from original pages of LIFE, emotionless, blank stares, wondering what happens behind the blankness. 

05/17/1937, "Dionne Quintuplets" were not protected by these laws; they were exploited by the Canadian Government and their father. Incest is the biggest taboo in our civilized society. Even a Judge from Florida is being charged for subjecting youth to years of abuse to support his lavish lifestyle at the expense of systematic abuse to hundreds of children. The American Government encouraging child brides, in wartime, with images of junior mothers a media campaign that messages images of the culture of young brides.

These images are collaged around a little black girl playing in the streets refreshed and cleansed, unaware, or maybe aware that things are black and white. Her caption "Street Shower."

"Trends in Premarital Childbearing: 1930 to 1994," a study of U.S. Census figures has shown that the percentage of first births conceived out of wedlock almost tripled and was far more significant for African American community. 

What is your vision of it?
International Day of the Girl Child, also known as International Day of the Girl, is a United Nations observance held on October 11. It was officially inaugurated by UN General Assembly in December 2011 to recognize girls' rights and raise awareness of girls' challenges.

Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. In the developing world, 1 in 7 girls is married before her 15th birthday, with some child brides as young as 8 or 9. Adolescent girls have the right to a safe, educated, and healthy life, not only during these critical formative years but also as they mature into women. 

How do we get there? Radical feminists speak out and organize against violence against women and change the narratives.

"LIFE" Young Brides- Children 1936 – 1941, 24" x 24", Collage mixed media, acrylic, crayon, nail polish, lacquer.

The first time I presented this painting was in 2013,  in response to "Which Way Our Children." In this group exhibition, 13 African American Artists reflected on our children and their future in America.  I left the images black and white to speak of times of a very dark period in our history. Now looking at that history nearly a century later. 

The Noyes Cultural Arts Center, owned by the City of Evanston, is a lively home to over 20 artists and arts organizations offering music, theater, and visual arts programs and studios, comprising a full stage seating 190 people and two galleries. The galleries exhibit local artists, with exhibitions changing every two months. This historic building is home to many arts organizations and artists.


"Art is Business"

 The Wild Yams exhibition will be on display at the Silver Room until December.   I created a new body of work for this show that investigates my passion for Labor & Leisure and expounds upon my Mercy Endureth Forever concept for the Illinois Humanities Envisioning Justice Grant.   I hope you have some time to see the show.  If you are interested, please let me know. Also, if you are in the Hyde Park area tonight, come see us and meet the rest of the Wild Yams.

Musically & Artistically yours,
Lavon Pettis 

She is  working with muralist and sign painter Donnie R. Carter to create his 1970 series of Human Drawing paintings on Black Velvet.  She has a limited edition series of work that she modeled for Donnie.  If you would like a peek at this body of work, contact her direct.
773-458-9864 • Mobile

Lavon will be discussing her work and the legacy she is creating for her daughter Indigo during the Bronzeville Art District Art Tour on October 15th, 2021.

The Phantom Gallery Chicago, 


Phantom Gallery: 


Thanks to the artist in resident Renee Baker for having the vision to bring the project to Bronzeville and record in the Loft Gallery of the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network.  The artwork installed is the sculpture installations of  Renee Baker, "Because we are Nature," featuring her junk drawer series. Visual art is the collection of the gallery.


This moment in the life of James Baldwin represents temporality, impermanence, the futility of dreams, and reckoning with the finality of inequality of life in the USA for Black Americans. Baldwin realizes that never will people of color achieve equity or equality in his lifetime..the boxes for blacks and whites have been set..with civil rights almost non-existent.










Artistic Team

Concept/Commissioning/Music Direction
Chicago Fringe Opera is dedicated to presenting innovative vocal works emphasizing new and contemporary styles, engaging with the Chicago community through intimate and immersive performance experiences, and fostering and empowering local artists. Chicago Fringe Opera is at the forefront of producing dynamic contemporary vocal works in the city of Chicago.

A City of Works – an oblique reference to former Mayor Richard J. Daley's moniker for Chicago – combines the power of music and design in a series of site-specific digital experiences. Evoking the ethereal nature of theatre itself, audiences embark on individual journeys to landmarks throughout our city, unlocking audio and video content and joining a collective experience to watch performances through individual personal devices.

Arriving at specific locations, audiences scan a QR code on their smartphone to access a music video of a given newly commissioned work, the piece having been filmed at that locale, creating a fleeting yet shared theatrical experience. Thus, the project eliminates the need to gather groups of people while leaving content both free of charge and accessible at any time to audiences.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.
Supported by The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation & The CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.

Ear Taxi Festival in Chicago, Renée Baker New Music USA

"Art is Business"  


Renée Baker: Nothing’s Gonna Stop You From Creating

As part of this month’s Ear Taxi Festival in Chicago, Renée Baker will lead a string quintet from her, Renée Baker will lead a string quintet from her Chicago Modern Orchestra Project in a performance of her composition Eternal Units of Beauty for one of the Spotlight Concerts at Chicago’s Phantom Gallery on September 26. Learn more about Ear Taxi’s Spotlight Concerts here. 

She will also participate in Ear Taxi’s panel discussion “What are the components of a thriving ecosystem for new music?” moderated by New Music USA’s CEO Vanessa Reed on September 29 at the DePaul Art Museum. More info about that panel can be found here in Chicago Modern Orchestra Project.

New Music USA · Renée Baker: Nothing’s Gonna Stop You From Creating
Frank J. Oteri in conversation with Renée Baker
August 30, 2021—10:30pm CDT via Zoom
Via a Zoom Conference Call between New York and Illinois
Additional voiceovers by Brigid Pierce; audio editing by Anthony Nieves
Spending an hour over Zoom chatting with Renée Baker about her more than two thousand musical compositions and perhaps almost as many paintings was inspirational as well as motivational.

Bronzeville Babies: The Story of a Proud People

Virtual Open Studio- Textile Artists Talk About Their Art

"Art is Business"  Listen to the artist speak on "Creative Conversation," Trish Williams,  Rhonda Hardy.

Featured Artist: Trish Williams,  
Trish Williams was born and raised in Chicago in the North Lawndale community, where she attends public school.  Once she completed elementary and high school education, she attended Malcolm X Community College. Then, under the tutelage of Barbara Jone-Hogu, she was introduced to the AfriCOBRA collective and the South Side Community Art Center, where she was introduced to an even broader spectrum of African American artists.

While she has always created as far back as she can remember by drawing, painting, and sewing, but in 1997 she saw a book titled “A Communion of The Spirits” by Roland Freeman about African American quiltmakers and was reminded of her ancestors who carried on these traditions and knew that is what she must do too, but not for the beds, but for the walls because would encompass most of the things that she loved about art.

She’s exhibited local, national, and international, and her works are collationed globally, and several public art commissions in the Chicagoland area.  Her work is also included in exhibition catalogs, magazine publications, and she is listed as one of 100 artists in the Midwest.  She is also seen in the movie “Southside With You” about President and Mrs. Obama if you look quick enough.

The Women of Color Quilters Network is a non-profit organization* founded in 1985 by Carolyn L. Mazloomi, a nationally-acclaimed quilt artist and lecturer, to foster and preserve the art of quiltmaking among women of color.

It supports its membership through presentations, providing venues for sharing technical information, grant writing, and other services. It offers quilts and fiber art to museums for exhibition and researches and documents African American quiltmaking. In recent years, the Network has showcased the work of its members before national and international audiences. An important component of the network's activity is its quiltmaking in social and economic development projects. Educational projects and workshops foster exposure to the arts, creative development, and improved self-esteem. These programs present the benefits of quilting to audiences of all ages, income levels, ethnic backgrounds,s and learning abilities.     *(IRS 501(c)(3))

Guest Artist - Rhonda Brady: 
Rhonda Hardy is an artist committed to social empowerment by encouraging the appreciation of diverse cultures as seen through art. Her artwork has been exhibited and sold at venues such as the South Side Community Art Center, Gallery Guichard, and the Beverly Arts Alliance. 

The journey to manifest my story started in high school, where I sought to learn everything I could about African and African American culture. I subsequently went to college and obtained a Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in clothing and textiles and became certified in Interior Decorating. So, it is a natural progression that I use my passion, skills, and knowledge as a tool to tell the story of the African American experience using the medium of hand-crafted textiles, fashion, and storytelling.


COLAB 7100 + Wild Yam = Collaboration

"Art is Business"


Wisdom Baty is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist and arts collaborator interested in curating space for black and brown mothers and their children. With over a decade of community organizing, her practice reimagines physical space, autonomy, and historical accuracy in support of black motherhood through the lens of intersectionality. She is the founder and creative director of Wild Yams: Black Mothers Artist Residency.

An artistic collaborator, Wisdom has co-organized 6018N Windows to the World exhibition 2020, the inaugural  Black Experience: Panel and MFA Showcase at SAIC Sullivan Galleries in 2015, and The Black Family Reunion 2017 with Threewalls and Reunion. In addition, Baty was a 2017 Marwen Teaching Artist Resident, a 2007 fellow at the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art and Music, participated in the Museum of Contemporary Art Teacher Institute, and currently has work represented on the Field Foundations website under the program areas section. Baty received her BFA in Painting at UIC’s School of Art and Design in 2012 and a Masters's degree in Arts Administration and Policy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018.

"No other creative field is as closed to those who are not white and male as is the visual arts... the first thing that I had to believe was that I, a black woman, could penetrate the art scene, and that, further, I could do so without sacrificing one iota of my blackness or my femaleness or my humanity." 
- Faith Ringgold 

For more information, contact:
Wisdom Baty
M: 773.815.2419
Director of Development and Community Relations  at COLAB 7100

The Healing Academy's Annual Fundraiser Gala and Art Exhibtion 2021

"Art is Business"