FRONT PORCH TIME Featured Artist Sarah Beckstrom

Reposted for Sarah Beckstrom sending this invite out to the many people I've       connected with along the way, perhaps it's been a long-time or a short-time ago...

Sarah Beckstrom, Shipping Container HOME Project, 2014

MAY 7, 14, & 21, 2014

HOME PROJECT: FRONT PORCH TIMETHE CONTAINER, ART MUSEUM Frontis an invitation to gather, sit, drink, and talk about nothing in particular on the front porch of MFA artist Sarah Beckstrom’s shipping container home. Bring something to sit on and a vessel to drink from. Sarah’s very special sun tea will be served. 5-7pm

My MFA exhibition highlighting my Shipping Container HOME Project will be opening next week at the Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, CA. There is also a documentary movie and some other events and happenings going on in May so if you're in the area stop by!
More information can be found below....or at
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