"Art is Business" If the reader can't understand the writer, it becomes a foreign language.

Rheinland-Pfalz, Center for Documentation and Exhibition of the History of US Americans in the Rhineland Palatinate.


 Talking about yourself and your work can be challenging, so here is an exercise from Springboard for the Arts, Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists curriculum to help you along. Your artist statement should describe your work in a way that cannot be easily applied to anyone else. It should also be written in plain language, so if someone does not have prior experience with your art and medium, they can still understand what you mean. Finally, your artist statement should draw the reader in and invite them to learn more. Use these exercises to hone in on your unique artist statement!


Take a moment to reflect on your artistic practice. How do you self-identify as an artist? What do you create? What makes you interested in what you do? Answer these three questions to get your artist statement.

Who you are:

What you do:

Why you do it:


You can also work backward to answer the questions and develop your artist statement. Finish the sentences below for another perspective.

(Why) Because I believe…

(What) I make…

(Who) I am...


Californians for the Arts (CFTA)

"Art is Business"
Californians for the Arts (CFTA), the statewide arts advocacy organization, and California Arts Advocates (CAA), the statewide creative industries lobbying organization, are pleased to announce that Governor Newsom has signed the 2021-22 budget to include historic investments in the arts, culture and live events industries. In addition, on July 12, Governor Newsom signed SB 129 Budget Bill Jr, which amends SB 128 and SB 151 budget trailer bill, which contains more specificity for the grants programs for arts, culture, and live events.

The California State Budget represents a bold and momentous investment in the arts, culture, and creative economy. The pandemic’s impact has galvanized and united a broad coalition of arts advocates led by California Arts Advocates, California Association of Museums, and the California Chapter of the National Independent Venue Association and backed by more than 500 organizations, businesses, and local government leaders --aligning nonprofit cultural institutions, for-profit small businesses, and the creative workforce for the first time to lobby for a significant investment of $1 billion for arts recovery and stimulus from the State. The budget investments of over $600 million for this sector are a testament to the strength of this coalition that will survive well beyond this pandemic.

“We thank our Legislative and Newsom Administration champions, the thousands of arts advocates who showed up in support of our bold budget requests and the coalition that formed to lead the charge for transformational investments in arts, culture, creativity and live events, “ says Julie Baker, Executive Director of CFTA/CAA. “While the arts suffered more than most industries during the pandemic, it is heartening to know our sector has been seen and recognized for our valuable contributions both to California’s economic recovery and to our overall emotional health and wellness. California has an opportunity to be the leading creative state. With this level of investment, we are on a path to an equitable and just recovery for all creative workers and businesses to thrive.” 

The budget includes:

  • $50 million to Go Biz for grants to small nonprofit performing arts orgs to help with workforce development. Grants up to $75,000 based on budget size to help with:
  1. Employee expenses, including payroll costs, health care benefits, paid sick, medical, or family leave, and insurance premiums.
  2. Contributions or payments to a centralized payroll service.
  3. Recruitment, training, development, and other human resources-related expenses.
  4. Other operating expenses or equipment for employees. 

  • $150 million to GoBiz and CAL OSBA (Office of Small Business Advocate) for live events venues and businesses, including nonprofits and minor league sports.

  • $128 million to California Arts Council, of which $40 million is for Creative Youth Development, $60 million for CA Creative Corps Pilot program, and remaining for local assistance programs and staffing.

  • $50 million to Natural Resources Agency for museum grants programs.

  • Eighty-one arts and culture earmark investments in local communities such as $4 million to Self Help Graphics and Art, $6.5 million to Destination Crenshaw, $8 million to Debbie Allen Dance Academy, $13,500,000 to the City of Sacramento for community reinvestment, and $3 million to San Diego Symphony totaling close to $238 million.

Bronzeville Art District Art Tour,

"Art is Business"
Hello and Welcome:

We look forward to you joining us for the July Art Tour this evening. Please read carefully to ensure you have all the information regarding the tour, virtual or in person. 

Due to COVID 19, there will not be a trolley this year.  Check opening times below:

To visit the virtual Bronzeville Art District Art Tour, use the links provided here. Opens on Zoom at 7:00 CST pm and in-person at participating venues. Check the times below.
Gallery Guichard: Virtual and In-person

Webinar ID: 821 1588 2807

International numbers available: International numbers available:

Fair Afrikan Art: Virtual and In-person

Meeting ID 873 2009 3471

Passcode 698508

Blanc Gallery: Virtual and In-person
South Side Community Art Center: Virtual Only

Meeting ID: 998 0571 5631 Passcode: 098588

Bronzeville Artist Lofts - Virtual 
Phantom Gallery:

Raymond Thomas Studio:
Allen Emerson Hicks:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 0386 2154

Passcode: 065227

You can also copy and place it in your browser to search for the event.

 In-Person Experience: You can experience the tour in person at the following galleries:

  • Blanc Gallery - in person and virtual 6 pm to 8 pm
  • Gallery Guichard - in person and virtual 7 pm to 10 pm
  • Faie Afrikan Art Gallery - in person and virtual 6 pm to 8 pm
  • Bronzeville Artist Lofts - Virtual & in the Great Migration Sculpture Garden providing a video screening (Studios are not open)

Virtual Only:

South Side Community Art Center - Virtual only

The Bronzeville Art District Presents a Popup Concert Series on the Culture Coach

"Art is Business"

This year, the Bronzeville Art District added the Culture Coach, a portable stage co-owned by Susan Fox and Hanah Jon Taylor, offering an outdoor concert in the empty lot at 47th and Vincennes adjacent to the Great Migration Sculpture Garden. In addition, the alleyway next to 436 E. 47th Street will be activated as a social distance safe zone for art tour attendees and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Dance to the sounds of DJ Marcel Terry and Concert Headliner Aziza Lisa, a saucy, smooth, sensual, and most of all empowering performer.

Your tour RSVP grants you access to a celebration of Chicago Cultural traditions by Gallery Guichard, Building Community Foundation, AARP, and the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, “Chicago Presents,” our official sponsors.

Josephine "La" Baker : Vision of Beauty

In a world where African American female imagery, in cinema and life,  is often not celebrated, the victorious and love-filled life of Josephine Baker reminds us that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Join us on the third Friday of the month this summer, July - September 17th, 2021, for a free screening during the Bronzeville Art District Art Tour,  SSFF Satellite Experimental Film Festival, presented by Wabi House Media, an art film by Renee Baker.

The art partners create an interdisciplinary/ multi-disciplinary Hybrid experience featuring a virtual online tour and in-person experiences at each gallery. In addition, an alley activation at 436 E. 47th Street will connect guests to the Great Migration Garden, becoming a social distance zone to gather.  Our neighbors can bring lawn chairs at dusk and enjoy a popup drive in an experimental film festival with projections on a three-foot wall facing the 47th street intersection. 

Tactical Urbanism- Satellite Experimental Film Festival- Art Films of Renee Baker AIR

"Art is Business"

Webster states that experimental art film marries contemporary artistry, innovation, designing and engineering of imaginative procedures, exchanges while concentrating on aesthetic articulation, innovation, social communication, and sometimes, just pure fun.

Filmmaker and composer Renee Baker see the outgrowth of experimental media as part of her overall art practice trajectory. This arena traverses music, film, and visual art as fluidly as water in streams. Combining the honoring of boundaries to bring every listener to an experience must change and challenge everything you thought you knew about filmmaking and the scores accompanying them. 

These films and scores are not just placed markers...they embody the whole of a tiny world of expression born from the experiential pool of man.
Kind of like seeing inside your own mind.

Renee' Baker


"Art is Business"

JOIN US: RSVP- 1pm - 4pm, with Virtual Artist Talk 2pm - 3pm

Our artistic vision entails an intergenerational curatorial practice that seeks to provide a model for emerging and established curators to innovate in curating inclusive experiences, gain practical curating experience, and critically reflect on how their curatorial style will imprint on the Evanston community and the world. Four exhibitions, each running two weeks, on how artists examine the state of their environment in society through themes of Racism, Spirituality, Documentation, and Art as Wellness
A call for diverse artists (i.e. Women, People of Color, LGBTQIA, and Disabled Artists) to provide works that reflect each theme, ensuring experiences are accessible, inclusive, and educational for all people with visible/invisible disabilities.

Bruton and Adero’s artistic vision entails an intergenerational curatorial practice
that seeks to provide a model for emerging and established curators to innovate
in curating inclusive experience, gaining practical curating experience, and critically
reflect on how their curatorial style will imprint on the Evanston community and
the world. In four exhibitions, each running two weeks, exhibiting artists will
examine the state of their environment in society through themes of Racism,
Spirituality, Documentation, and Art as Wellness.