Wabi House MicroCinema Screenings Open House

"Art is Business"  posted for Renee Baker

Wabi House MicroCinema
Screenings Open House

 Saturday, August 24
12 noon- 10 pm

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network 
436 E 47th St Suite #205 

Award-winning composer and filmmaker Renée Baker present film selections from the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project canon.

Body and Soul                               12:00 pm
Ask Your Mama                              1:30 pm
The Seashell and the Clergyman     2:45 pm
Within Our Gates.                            3:45 pm
Borderline.                                       4:55 pm
The Flying Ace.                               6:00 pm
God's Stepchildren.                          7:00 pm
A Page of Madness.                         8:15 pm
The Blue Bird.                                 9:15 pm
OuterExtremia Short Films presented between features.

Refreshments provided.

File Image from Renee Baker Facebook,  presented at University of Illinois 

Tickets available at Eventbrite 50 Cents 
File archive image 


Mark Making Artist Talk about Process

"Art is Business"  posted for Lois Stone- RSVP at

This workshop will feature the artwork of Lois Stone and is a participatory hands-on art workshop. Artist talks about her process of making abstract works on paper. 

Supplies will be provided. Space limited RSVP 

Friday, August 23rd, 2019
6-8pm BYOB

Intuitive Space Lois Stone

"Art is Business"  Project Description- for gallery hours call 773-681-6570

presents new works by artist Lois Stone 
Friday, August 16, 2019
Pre-boarding Viewing 5pm -6pm, Boarding 6-9pm 
440 E. 47th Street, Chicago IL  60653

Green Abstract, 12" x 12", 2019 Lois Stone
Artist Lois Stone

Intuitive Space

Intuitive Space is a collection of abstract paintings I have created in an exploration of mark-making. Decided or automatic expressions, marks are created in a push and pull manner with spontaneous movement and expression to discover, free, and reveal my own creativity. Through this process, I hope to evoke that same joy of the process to the viewer.

Untitled Abstract, Lois Stone
September 8th, 2019  3-6pm, Sunday Salon Series
September 13th, Closing 6pm - 9pm

Untitled Abstract, Lois Stone

Join us for the August 16th, 2019 Trolley Tour, during the Bronzeville Art District 3rd Friday Open Studio at the

Lunar Cycle Contemporary Interior Environments, Abstracted and the Observations

"Art is Business" Phil Cotton
Dinosaur Moon, 2017, Oil Pastel Collage

Lunar Cycle Contemporary Interior 

Environments Abstracted and Observations by Phil Cotton

Artist Statement 2019

Although the images and subjects of my artwork are diverse; the influences and subject matter originate from the 1950’s era, abstract expressionist movement and architectural/ designs of the Mid Century Modern/ Bauhaus periods. My contemporary artwork consists of organic and architectural visual images that respond to my observations of historical moments in time and the present state of our ever-changing complex society.

Fran Asleep with Blanket, 2019 Charcoal and Pencil

As a former student of Design and the Fine Arts, my aesthetic influences are both rooted in contemporary architecture, visual design and the plastic arts – painting, sculpture, and drawings. These influences speak to me in different ways and in multiple manifestations in my art practice. That is to say, I am not limited or restricted in my creative approach to my subject but open to multiple influences, individually and collectively. Simply put, I am a multimedia artist whose practice involves the creation of abstract images that are influenced by transitional forms in nature and society.
The Moon at Rest, 2019 Charcoal Pencil

My current artwork for the last six months has consisted of medium to large charcoal drawings. Most of the work involves the spacial relationships, tonal values, and observations of contemporary interior environments, abstracted and the observations on how in some works, the lunar cycle might influence our lives. 
GAllery Monk 2019 Charcoal Pencil

Also, the musical influence of Jazz and its’ many historical practitioners, has a seat at my concept table. I use Jazz metaphors to” layer “my abstract images and to give respect to some of our past and present great musicians of note.  These abstracted images take place during various times of the day and night; responding to one’s own imagination about how place, sound and time can have an extraordinary effect on our understanding of who we are.

The Moral Clock 2015, Oil Pastel Collage

Closing Reception for Experimentalism during Bronzeville Summer Nights After Dark

"Art is Business" Closing reception August 9, 2019

Opening July 19th, BAD Trolley Tour 2019 at the Bronzeville Artist Lofts Open Studio

Join us for our closing reception of Experimentalism, Friday, August 9th, 2019 during the Bronzeville Summer Nights After Dark, 2nd Friday Trolley Tours SSA take over of  47th Street Business District - from 47th and King Dr. to 47th and Cottage Grove. 

Evening projections on the Bronzeville Artist Lofts outdoor deck by L.K. Akiremi, conversation, and artist discussions BYOB. 

Featured artist, Experimentalism- 2019. L.K. Akiremi, Cesar Conde and LaDiPo Famodu. 

FEATURING  THE WORKS OF   Phantom Gallery Chicago 

Network artists.  

Artwork, small work on display and for purchase $150 and under, or make an offer for larger work on display."ART ON FIRE SALE" from the collection:

Renee Baker- small works 
Alpha Bruton - acrylic on paper
Elaine Crossley - original canvas archival
Kortez - small prints
Makeba Kedeem DuBois- original
Mariana Buchwald - IAG 
Hans U. Buchwald- prints
Shonna McDaniels - prints
William G. Hill - photography prints

"ART FIRE SALE" of various prints donation $5 - $10-$15-$20. 

Grab a bag and see what you have purchased your guess is as good as mines. All donations go to the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network. 

Harlem Renaissance Cotton Come to Harlem Project

"Art is Business"

The Vision: We acknowledge that art-an essential, encompassing life element- has the ability to produce an environment with a productive cultural exchange of ideas.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to open minds and change lives through the exploration and celebration of African American history, experiences and culture through art education and outreach.

The Project:  (Community Mural Beautification and Educational Workshops)

A Marcus Garvey Quote ( A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.) 

Sojourner Truth Museum will kick off July 15th  through  Dec 15th.  Artist working with the museum will provide a series of work-study sessions incorporating film documentaries from the artist of the Harlem Renaissance time period to youth at the Mack Road Valley High Community center.  Youth who attend this center will learn about Jazz artist, visual artist, Poets, and Writers who impacted their community through the arts.  August 31st we will kick off a community celebration called “Cotton Comes to Harlem” and invite the entire community to come and paint with muralist to create murals inspired by the artist of that time period.

For example, we will create the Langston Hughes Poetry Benches. Images of Langston Hughes will be painted on a bench with one or two of his famous poems on the bench.  Another example is a Totem Pole of Lois Mailou Jones will be created with images of her famous geometric shapes and bold colors added and a sound feature will finalize the art piece.   We will provide entertainment throughout the day featuring poems that the youth created in their workshops. Kids in the Jazz music program will perform as well as the  Art instructors.

We will provide food and drinks for everyone who comes out to paint alongside the artist.  Community participants (youth)  will help clean the garden beds and work with our artist to create mosaic tile art around the beds.  The goal of this project is to create public art with images youth can identify with. Also, we hope to educate youth about the important role and legacy artist from the Harlem Renaissance played in shaping history and the vibrant communities they lived in.   We understand kids can sometimes feel hopeless and unworthy but when connected with positive imagery (art) and lessons in history youth will be motivated to be creators of their own change and look forward to a more productive future.

Larissa J. Akinremi Uses Nature as an Experiment to Showcase the Black Body in Outdoor Landscapes.

 "Art is Business" BlogTalkRadio Interview with artist Larissa J. Akinremi.

Headshot of Larissa J. Akinremi 

Artist Statement 
The daughter of creative visionaries activist Bobbie Johnson and Zaid A. Maalikulmulk, 80s club kid and social curator Larissa Johnson-Akinremi (b. Baltimore, MD, 1969) began her career jewelry designer in the early 1990s after college and years later as a freelance make-up artist and fashion stylist. In 2000 she became the host, promoter, and nightlife social curator for Deep House Page, Chicago's premier source for music entertainment and dance culture. Now her focus is on photography and curation. She is inspired by nature, people, social interaction, music, and dance culture. In addition, she enjoys the surreal and spiritual realm, and some of her work encompasses those forms. Larissa's process includes photography of the human condition, a play on light and body movement, spoken word, animation, video, and performance art. In her spare time and upon request, she is also a DJ. Johnson's first solo exhibition, People, Places, and Things, took place in 2015 at Tangible Things. Her work was most recently featured at Beats and Treats, a solo exhibition at Chicago's Bronzeville Room 43, which featured local artists. 

For the One
Dancer: Sadira Muhammad
Media: Digital print on canvas, 2017
20 X 16

The One is a Universal term for Allah; God, 
Tetragrammaton, Jehovah, Yahweh, Father, Abba, or The Light.
The dancer moves with a finger pointing upwards. 
This is symbolic of The One.
The photo was taken at Gele Day, an annual event hosted by Pilar Awodola Songofemi Audain-Reed at 63rd Street Beach.

Night Moves
Media: Digital print on canvas, 2016
20 X 16
Night Moves features dancer Cat Mahari in an evening dance at Foster Street Beach.

Black Seeds in the Garden
Media: Digital print on canvas, 2013
12 X 8
A seed is an embryonic plant enclosed in a protective outer covering. To a Black mother, her children and sons are her seeds. She nurtures, covers love, and protects them from seeing them bloom. The photo was taken at Garfield Park Conservatory.

A Dance for Mother and Child
Media: Digital print on canvas, 2017
12 X 12
When I was a little girl, I used to dance with my mother. It was the closest thing to God. This picture holds so many memories, and I am glad I caught it. The photo was taken at Gele Day, an annual event hosted by Pilar. Awodola Songofemi Audain-Reed at 63rd Street Beach.

Protect Our Children
Media: Digital print on canvas
12 X 8
Often times our children are shot and killed in the streets while going to school, running an errand, playing in front of the house, or just playing basketball.
I was sitting in the community park at Reavis Math and Science Academy and captured these young men playing basketball ball and couldn't help but notice the caption on the mural "Protect Our Children."

Media: Digital print on canvas, 2016
12 X 12
Lotus Love is a Healer specializing in Reiki, life coaching, massage therapy, and crystal energy healing. The photo was taken along the beach shoreline at 67th South Shore Drive.

In 2016,  Ms. Johnson’s work was featured in a group exhibition; Continuous Span at the Hyde Park Center and her along with other collaborating curators facilitated the exhibition Taking Shapes at the Hyde Park Art Center. 

Her photography was selected to appear in Connect Gallery Hyde 2017 and Connect Gallery South Shore in the fall of 2018, a weekend Showcase of local Chicago artists hosted by the Silver Room's Pop-Up Gallery. Larissa Johnson lives and works in Chicago and is the curator for Sounding Bronzeville, a gathering space along the Burnham Wildlife Corridor, south lakefront region. She is also the promoter and creative director for Universal Dance Music. She also served as the coordinator for The Great Migration Centennial and Bronzeville Community Development Partnership and assisted in special projects with the Bronzeville Visitors Association. Ms. Johnson is the president of Race to Knowledge and Beyond, successor to her late mother's organization Race to Knowledge, and founder of "the social movement."  

Larissa is the Creative and Promotions Director for "Universal Dance Music," as well as other collaborative projects with Chicago artists, historians, and creatives. In addition, she received her Visual Arts Certification from the University of Chicago Graham School and Hyde Park Art Center in 2017.

“EXPERIMENTALISM” Process artist LaDiPo Famodu Astro Afro Studio

"Art is Business" Bio Short  Ladipo Famodu is a researcher, artist, and futurist, and creator of Astro Afro Studio.

LaDiPo standing in front of the mural by Statik on 47th Street, 600 blocks on the side of a Bronzeville barbara Shop

Astro Afro Studio is a design practice that addresses the present and future threats to social equality and environmental sustainability by weaponizing art, design, and technology in a creative, subversive manner. Based in Chicago, the city is used as a classroom and laboratory, providing an opportunity to observe, explore, and collaborate.

Interview on BlogTalkRadio Creative Conversation:
The specific question I want to press is what are some ways we define "Experimental-ism", while we examine the state of our environment?
LaDiPo has thought critically about experimentalism in his art practice and what that means. 
LaDiPo was asked the question, EXPERIMENTALISM is largely centered on the human experience. Universal education was the key to teaching people how to abandon their habits and think creatively. 
His response: 
Experimentalism to me represents the process of learning by doing - a pedagogy I apply to both my scientific work and artistic practice. As a materials researcher, I am eager to find the potential in products deemed as waste to other industries and incorporate them into the concrete. As an artist, I’ve discovered my own personal style in creating abstract-yet-human-like wire figures. Through exaggerated gestures, these figures greet each other and activate every object they encounter. 

WIRE! Figure It Out"  by LaDiPo

Bio Long Ladipo Famodu 

As a researcher, he studies the future of concrete as a building material at a Chicago-based concrete company. His role is to analyze industrial byproducts for fitness as an alternative to cement which is the binder in concrete. His background in chemistry has equipped him to quickly learn new testing procedures and reference existing literature regarding sustainable material research.

As an artist, his work is a commentary on a neighborhood in flux. He currently resides in Bronzeville, once known as the Black Metropolis. After a period of disinvestment, a wave of new construction is underway with massive single-family houses seeming to pop up overnight. Using collage, he constructs architectural imagery that references the rich history and speculative future of the Black Metropolis.

As a futurist, his mantra is to Never Stop Learning. Outside of work, you may find him at book signings, artists talks, and public lectures covering topics from sustainable construction to algorithmic bias. He is inspired by those who bring together ideas from different fields of study to reframe big problems in today’s society.