I am exploring Germany by way of the Euro-rail, my journey started on July 23rd, where I boarded the  train from Frankfurt, to Ramstein. Since 2009 I have visited the Rheinland-Pfalz, Center for Documentation and Exhibition of the History of the US Americans in the Rhinelnad Palatinate www.dc-ramstein.de, this years exhibition focus is on Mein Ami, 60 ea of U.S. Air Force in Rheinland Pfalz, 1952 to 2012.

African American performers touring Germany 1960's Archie Bell
The installation gave me some ideas on how to present a research project I am working on for the African American Historical and Cultural Museum in Fresno California, and Fresno Public Library Genealogical Society. Several desk are stationed around the museum for visitors to journal, and record their voice to history.

 I also visited the garden dedicated to President John F. Kennedy, before boarding the city bus to Kaiserslautern where I stopped in on an art gallery, to chat with a couple of artists. While working in my studio in the village of Meinabach I finished art I started in 2011, which concludes my series.

On Sunday September 19th I will be making my way to Sype to the studio of Rolf Schuetzez, ATelier ARtefact, to join Marianna, Renee, and Alan for a intensive self directed residency, creating artwork for exhibition in Pankow, and for Chicago Artists Month 2012. I am also commissioned to create four works of art for the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project by Renee Baker,images I sketched during 2011 Create Fest, at the Brown Rice in Chicago.

2011 VSN

Joining the Wanderlust Chicago-Berlin 2012 project for an installation in Pankow,
Aug 23. 7pm at a public library in Wilhelmsruhe * in East Berlin
Aug. 24 - 25 afternoon and evening exhibition and presentations at Flotte Lotte, these events are organized by our artist friend and curator Renate Brummer in Wilhelmsruhe

The Berlin Art Club is aimed to be a "house of art" a home for all artists, visual artists and performance artists, a place for art lovers of all genres.

BAC is planning to have individual exhibitions of renowned artists and galleries from the Art-space of planet earth to come to Berlin. The BAC is the current front of a number of activities concerning the presentation of art and artists.

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures!

Berlin Art Club 2012 will happen in September 3 - 11th, 2012. I will be displaying artwork created as part of my Vibrational Sound Narratives, representing the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network's first participation in the Berlin Art Club's annual exhibition featuring 100 international artists.

Dee Alexander, and Nicole Mitchell, AACM Tribute 2007

AACM Tribute to Fletcher Henderson 2007

Smaller work will be on sale in the bac store, and a PowerPoint presentation which will show all 139 pieces which are for sale on www.Artwanted.com/alphabruton