Getting Your Sh*t Together Online Radio by GYST Radio | BlogTalkRadio

Getting Your Sh*t Together Online Radio by GYST Radio | BlogTalkRadio

Pop-Up Research Station invites your participation.

Phantom Gallery Chicago and Phantom Galleries LA have come together with the intent to create a network of support for artists, curators and arts organizers who are engaged in temporary public art installations, in storefronts and projects that engage community response. We envision the project as a portal for shared knowledge, a resource of best practices, ongoing professional development, and a place for moral support to enhance our collective impact. 
On August 7th, 2013 we launched a Podcast produced by GYST Radio on Blog talk.  GYST Podcast Pop-Up Research Station will develop gradually: hosting creative conversations that explore  “Temporary Public Art Installations”,” Storefront Art Movements”, “Creative Place-making”, and projects that are the impetus for “Cultural Urban Planning”.

Liza Simone of Phantom Galleries LA in Los Angeles is currently the host but there will be guest hosts in cities nationally and internationally.  The Pop-Up Research Station will be a place to glean information. We see the Pop-Up Research Station as the portal to documenting our legacy, giving emerging curators and artists, new to the world of creative place making, a “Tool Kit” that has already been 20 years in the making, researched, developed, and implemented by artists who have carved out niches and  built new communities from empty storefront to monthly art walks. 

GYST Radio on Blog talk will cover snap shots of artist stories, host real discussions on the problems we face, offer a support system as well as soliciting advice on how to avoid the potholes moving forward.  The interviews done for GYST Radio on Blog talk are conversational and geared toward the artist’s mindset, but will be helpful for those interested in our projects as a research tool.

The Pop-Up Research Station will host an international conversation formatted as an online summit, coming in 2014. The conference and other recorded podcasts will be more candid,  with facts and figures.  Real discussions on the problems we face as curators in temporary public spaces, and the use of our intellectual property, and how it is used to cultivate urban renewal.

We are interested in your story. Please join in on the conversation.  Your feedback is vital. What are your needs in moving forward?  Perhaps you are developing ways to foster collaboration between organizations that we can explore together.   Can we create networks of  organizations to jointly pursue funding?  Would an arts organizers time bank be a good idea to pursue?

 We believe that we will thrive when we find new ways of pooling our resources rather than duplicating them.  Together we can bolster our ability to achieve our goals as we mentor and support each other. 

If you would like to be interviewed, be on our mailing list, or offer suggestions email  coming soon.

Thank you for your time and interest.


Kind regards,                                                                          Ditto

Liza Simone                                                                            Alpha Bruton